The Role of Internships in Business Management Education

The Role of Internships in Business Management Education

Internships have become an indispensable component of business management education, offering students invaluable real-world experience and access to industry practices. Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), one of the premier business education institutions worldwide, recognizes this impactful tool for preparing its students for successful careers in management – this blog post explores some benefits and drawbacks of internships at GIBS for its management students.


Benefits of Internships for Business Management Students

  • Hands-On Experience: Internships provide students with invaluable hands-on experience in business management. Through internships, they can apply theoretical concepts learned in class to practical situations in real-time – giving them essential business acumen and practical abilities that help ensure future success in this competitive world.
  • Networking Opportunities: Internships allow students the chance to network with professionals from within business management fields. This networking can lead to valuable connections and future job opportunities.
  • Internships Enhance Resume: Internships can add significant value to a student’s resume by showing practical experience in their chosen field and showing commitment. They stand out to potential employers and increase the chances of getting hired!
  • Career Exploration: Internships provide students the chance to explore various areas of business administration while also gathering insight into possible career pathways, which enables them to make more informed decisions regarding their long-term career objectives.


Challenges of Internships for Business Management Students

  • Time Management: Internships can be time-consuming and require students to balance work responsibilities with their academic studies. This can be challenging, especially for students who are taking a full course load.
  • Financial Considerations: Many internships are unpaid, which can be a financial burden for students. This may limit the number of internships a student can participate in and restrict their options for gaining practical experience.
  • Limited Exposure: Some internships may not provide students with exposure to all aspects of business management. This can limit the scope of their learning and prevent them from gaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

GIBS’ (Global Institute of Business Studies) approach to internships for business management students aims to offer practical and experiential learning that prepares them for life after university. Our internship programs aim to expose them to both challenges and opportunities posed by modern business environments while equipping them with essential knowledge that will allow them to flourish throughout their career paths.


The GIBS internship program is structured around four key pillars:

  • Learning: Interns have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge acquired during studies into practice within real business situations, learning teamwork skills such as working well within teams and communicating efficiently as well as how to deal with difficult problem situations within an organisational structure.
  • Benefit: Internships provide interns with experience applying theoretical knowledge acquired during studies to real-life business circumstances – giving them hands-on practice applying theory directly in business environments. They develop key transferable abilities like working effectively within teams as well as problem-solving in business settings.
  • Exposure: Interns gain experience across various business functions such as marketing, finance, operations, and human resources to gain an in-depth knowledge of how each component contributes to business success. This knowledge gives interns insight into how businesses function as whole units that work collaboratively toward success.
  • Networking: Interns can network with professionals in their chosen field during internships. This exposure helps them to build relationships that can be beneficial in their future careers.
  • Mentoring: Interns are assigned a mentor who provides guidance and support throughout their internship. Mentors are typically experienced business professionals who can provide valuable insights and advice.

Overall, the GIBS – Top BBA/PGDM College in Bangalore, approach to internships is designed to provide students with a holistic and practical learning experience that prepares them for success in the world of business.


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