Things That You Will Only Find In GIBS!

Things That You Will Only Find In GIBS!

Today as the demand for professional courses has risen immensely, the number of colleges offering professional courses is increasing too. The country now hosts more than a thousand business schools offering PGDM and MBA courses. Choosing the right college for your professional course can be a little challenging. 

What Are The Things That You Should Look For In Your College? 

A professional course is not just an educational experience but a life-changing program that enhances your entire professional career. It helps you to grow as a professional and become an asset to the company. Adding value to your workplace will only be possible if you are trained intensively by experts. 

When you are finding and searching about the college for your PGDM course, look for:

Reputation Of The College! 

While you research, know where the college stands. How is it perceived by the students – rev and how has it been valuable in building careers and exceptional professionals. Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the top colleges in the country and is known for its exceptional PGDM programmes.

Infrastructural Facilities And Faculty Members.

A PGDM course can only be fruitful if it is enabled by experienced teachers and a campus that encourages knowledge. From labs to fun campuses to globally acclaimed teachers, GIBS has given priority to all. 

Program Structure Matters! 

The program you choose must be a well-planned program laced with all the industry-relevant topics and activities. Professional courses act as a power booster in your career. A PGDM course helps you achieve a  direction in your career and work towards your goals. The curriculum must be planned in such a way that it enables students to flourish. 

Study All Kinds Of Assistance You Can Get From The College. 

A good college will assist you in many ways. From financial assistance for higher education to placement assistance, a good college will help you. Make sure you check all the job companies that come at the college’s recruitment drive. At GIBS you will get assistance in internships, placements and finances from the best of organisations. Brilliant right?

What if we tell you that you can get more than this? 

Yes! At Global Institute of Business Studies, you can get more! 

Things You Will Only Find At GIBS: 

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The IQAC team looks into the college’s progress in achieving the desired goals related to the quality of education. This is done twice every year, ensuring the college is always keeping quality as a priority. The team consists of members for the GIBS management, taking the help of industry experts for an impartial examination. 

Financial Assistance 

GIBS offers financial assistance to students for pursuing higher education. They are associated with many banks, ensuring the availability of the best financial scheme. The goal is to give everyone an opportunity to grow and follow their dreams. 

IRE School 

IRE school is a unique school formed by GIBS where students are encouraged to develop their skills of innovation, research and entrepreneurship. This is a platform for students to innovate and create unique projects, business models, solutions, and more under the guidance of experts. It is a fun way of learning critical thinking, being quick with decisions and to be able to research perfectly. 

Value Added Programmes 

GIBS offers many value-added programmes that help the students to develop themselves holistically. Some of the most popular programmes have been the SAP, Six Sigma, International Sales, Design Thinking, Campus to Corporate and many more such uniquely designed. Students experience a more comprehensive curriculum. 


The VMOSA model resonates with all our talented students. This model also helps in maintaining the standards of education at GIBS. 

V – Vision of all the idealistic goals. 

M – A mission to recognise the true potential of the college and achieve the vision. 

O – Objective gives clarity about the end results and how to achieve.

S – Strategy incorporating essential steps to achieve the goals. 

A – Action Plan of practical and thoughtful steps for accomplishing the goals. 

Global Immersion Programme

The students are given the golden opportunity to take an international tour during their course. The tour hosts a number of industrial visits, University visits, workshops, Guest lectures and sightseeing. This helps the students to get an understanding of the international perspective. The experience of learning new ways in a foreign country is the most fruitful way to gain an edge over others. 

Unique Features That Set GIBS Apart From The Rest!

GIBS hosts an array of other features that you might not find anywhere else. From a unique mentor model to the global immersion programme to celebrating knowledge with Joy of Learning Month, GIBS has done its best to give you a unique experience laced with knowledge and beyond. 

GIBS promises a balanced experience that entails knowledge, unleashing of true potential, fun and nurturing talents to become their best version. 

Come experience the best of knowledge at Global Institute of Business Studies!


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