To-Do List for MBA Applicants – November 30 2016

To-Do List for MBA Applicants

Applying for an MBA program is probably the biggest and most difficult task that you will face in your life. While the process of applying in itself is very nerve-racking, it becomes essential as a future graduate to start a few months early to ace off and be good at whatever has to be done during an MBA. Here is a to-do list that can help before starting with your MBA applications.

  • Preparation for GMAT: The most important step to getting into the top 100 MBA colleges in the world is to ace an amazing score on your GMAT. It is always advised to start 3-6 months before the exam dates to prepare yourself comfortably at the same it gives you enough time to realise where your scores are low so as to improve yourselves. Research is quintessential for the preparation of the GMAT. Take sample online tests. If you feel you are not reaching your potential then hire a private tutor or go to coaching classes. Your aim must be to get at least 20+ marks than what is expected from your dream MBA School.
  • Know yourself: It is very essential that you know yourself personally, professionally, and academically before applying for an MBA. The admission committee looks for smart and dynamic individuals who can handle rigours course work that MBA has to offer. Thus, it is very essential to know, analyse and mend your strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself what makes me stand out from the rest. Build on good characteristics in yourself and try to work on achieving your dream to get into your preferred B-school.
  • Reach out to your recommenders: Recommendation letters from your previous institute principal or your supervisor play a crucial role as this describes how well you work in a competitive environment. They can help improve your application. Reach out to them and explain your motivation and reasons for choosing the particular B-school and the course. If your recommenders understand this they can write the letter to fulfill an objective.
  • Fill gaps in the resume: Before applying for an application, go back and review your resume. Completely. See areas that you have not filled. If there is a certain skill that you think can be acquired to help you with the MBA admission, then go ahead and do a course or anything else that you think will look good on the resume. Mention interests, extra-circular activities, or anything that will help the resume look better.
  • Consider hiring an expert: Search and hire an expert on the matters of MBA. Try and talk to them. Explain your concerns and ask what you can do to better yourself for the admissions. Beware of these experts. Check reviews online, do research, and do try and know their success rate. Using an admission consultant helps a lot in the long run as they help in all aspects of an MBA.


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