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GIBS Finishing School: A Genuine Game-changer & Bridging the Gap between Campus and Corporate

Bangalore is slowly becoming a hub for higher education and also the city is witnessing an exponential rise in the number of National and Multinational companies and startups.

Most of the students step into the Best B Schools in Bangalore and Top MBA colleges in Bangalore with an eye at a dream placement. The challenge students face is to crack an interview for good placement in a good company. Initially, they think that Business Schools are meant for Placement agencies. 99% of the students seek admission for PGDM – i.e. Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program, to have a kick-start to their career and think that it is a ladder to grab a better placement position with a good salary. Hence today the most serious challenge for all B Schools in Bangalore is to address The students’ selection in campus interviews.


Lack of Skills: Skills-gap of Academia and Industry expectation for Placement

When the Student realizes the hard-hitting reality that their dream job needs the skills which they didn’t practice or learn the skill as per the industry requirements, it results in huge disappointment.

As a student of Business Management Master’s program, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurial skills should be the Centre-stage of learning and they are the demands of the Corporate. Most of the time, Placement interviews are based on Domain Knowledge, communication and presentation skills, analytical ability, Cognitive skills, and lateral thinking. Business schools strive to prepare the students and make them job-ready.


GIBS FINISHING SCHOOL: A genuine game-changer

To fill the skills gap between Academia and Industry, the concept of Finishing school emerged in Business Schools.

GIBS Business School Bangalore successfully addresses this issue through ‘GIBS Finishing School‘ for PGDM students, one of its kind in India, grooming students to launch their new phase of life every Saturday.

The curriculum of the GIBS Finishing School aims to bridge the skills gap between students and industry demands. This training will ensure that GIBS graduates are Job ready and are prepared to begin a successful career in their desired company.


How GIBS B School Bangalore grooms students for a dream placement:

The Training happens in 4 levels.

Level 1

The Finishing School concentrates on complete image consulting. We all know that the First impression is the Best every Saturday. All brand companies look for young and dynamic students. It is very important for the student to “Be Presentable”. GIBS have A Grooming Classroom, where students will select – their overall formal look – including their hairstyle.

Level 2:

Students will go through Language Mastery & Communication Program and Networking.
Everyone knows about the importance of effective communication. Most of the students will have some kind of fear/ anxiety of public speaking). The student who learns how to speak and how to present his/her overall personality well, within the first few minutes of the interview, will always be recruited first.

GIBS’ Finishing School’s Language Mastery and Communication Program trains them for all types of communication- From speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills to Voice Modulation.
GIBS Business School, one of the top Business Schools of Bangalore firmly believes that in today’s world slogan- Your Network is your Networth.

Networking is a critical skill and an essential weapon to enhance social capital and career services. It leads to more Job and business opportunities and nurtures Professional relationships. At GIBS, students start networking professionally and build a worthy relationships in the area of their interest.

Level 3

All about the interview skills-from resume to mock interviews.
It is necessary to have a perfectly written resume that can portray a student as a potential candidate. There are some short tips and tricks on how to write an effective resume. That will be taught to help the students get hired for a better internship and a good placement.
Mock interviews help students to face real interviews and they learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve communication skills, and reduce stress before an actual job interview.
Students will also be trained for Mock GD and PI and Mock Aptitude and Psychometric tests.

Level 4

GIBS students are groomed for a Never-say-die attitude with gratitude and also handling failures and rejections. Failure is an experience and a stepping stone to success.

GIBS finishing school has been a genuine game-changer for the students to become industry-ready with Future Mindset and the focus is not only on placement but also to set the Career for Life.

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