Understand the importance of a PGDM course and why it is as good as an MBA.

Understand the importance of a PGDM course and why it is as good as an MBA.

The debate on whether PGDM is better or MBA has been happening for quite a few years now. There is no right or wrong answer here though. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

They mostly have the same kind of advantages and hardly any disadvantages. Both are professional courses that help in giving your career directions and open up multiple doors of opportunities. 

From shaping your personality to shaping your career, these professional courses apply a very holistic approach. It creates an experience that is beyond the classroom and has career benefits throughout the course. 

Usually, both types of courses are of 2 to 3 years duration with placements after completion. Though we cannot tell you which one is better for you, we can surely tell you more about the features of a PGDM course. 

11 Clear benefits of PGDM to empower your dreams:

  1.   Industry-centric curriculum to help the students understand everything about the industries. 
  2.   An array of specializations are available for a more focused study. 
  3.   Develop skills that are needed in a corporate setting like decision making, critical thinking and communication.
  4.   Placement offers that get us closer to your dream role.
  5.   Extensive exposure to the industry through various activities like workshops, webinars, seminars and more. 
  6.   Mentoring is one of the finest aspects of a good educational experience. 
  7.   Easy Financing, ensuring no dream is hindered by money. 
  8.   Skill sets are given importance while the course is conducted as only theory from the book can make a professional dull. 
  9.   Entrepreneurial Opportunities are given through various clubs that promote innovation and research. Each idea students come up with are empowered with knowledge and guidance from experts. 
  10.   Boring classes are a concept that’s far away from PGDM courses. 
  11. PGDM courses are comparatively more affordable than  MBA courses.


Let’s discuss why PGDM is in the Global Institute of Business Studies.

For students who are interested in becoming a part of the managerial jobs in the corporate industry, PGDM is the last step before they start a real job. The questions that arise out of confusions are often about Which college to choose? How to pick one from the options of thousands that are offering AICTE approved PGDM courses? Where will I get the best placement offers? And so on! 

It is challenging to choose the right college for the plethora of institutes that are hosting PGDM courses. While you select your college, we can help you know more about the Global Institute of Business Studies. 

Located in Bangalore, one of the top colleges of Karnataka. It hosts various unique opportunities for aspiring professionals. From mental health care to building a career together, GIBS facilitates growth for every student. 

Unique programs like Happiness Program, IRE school, Global Immersion Program are just a few of the teaching pedagogy that has been helping lakhs of students to flourish in their careers. GIBS promotes entrepreneurship, international exposure, internships, close monitoring of growth and much more to help a student transform for the better. 

Their PGDM courses are comprehensive and well planned which helps them stand out from the crowd. The constant guidance from the CEOs of industry and faculty members with years of experience works like a charm for all the students. 

GIBS recognises the needs of the industry and prepares the students accordingly with a little extra to offer to the organisations. The vision is to empower students with the knowledge and nurture the future leaders of the country. 

Their constant efforts in enhancing the curriculum and incorporating various industry-relevant activities help the students to gain insightful knowledge about business. The weight of a good PGDM course from one of the top colleges is heavier and makes you more employable than an MBA from a lower rung college. 

While the list of benefits at GIBS is endless, there is only one thing you should always remember while choosing a college – Seek for more than you think you need when it comes to knowledge! 


Do whatever it Takes! 

The first thing you should do is understand your goals and aspirations and then choose PGDM or MBA. Choosing the right business schools is as important as deciding the specialisations so choose wisely and carefully as higher studies are the first concrete step towards your success story.

Take your decision keeping in mind all the parameters discussed and select a perfect program befitting your dreams!


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