Welcome to GIBS – One of the Top B-schools in India!

Welcome to GIBS – One of the Top B-schools in India!

In today’s world, people are so impatient about achieving their goals that they end up taking the wrong or rather the longer path. Often people forget how important it is to choose the right college after deciding about the right professional course. The problem here is that when you choose a college that doesn’t give it all to help you kickstart your career then you lose on time and money. 

It might get a little challenging to know whether the college is suitable or not. Look out for the basic thing at first like the campus, reviews about the college, courses they offer, and in what other ways they will be adding value. 

After you are over with careful screening of the basic things then look for advanced additions like financial assistance, placement assurance, extra activities for self-development, and more. While you do your research you will be able to understand the difference considering the detailed websites the colleges have today. 

Always Remember: Transparency is the key! If the college is stressing every small detail then you are in the right place! 

Global Institute of Business Studies – Adding value to your aspirations! 

There are several colleges that offer professional courses to young budding professionals. India has always stressed the importance of giving good education to young minds and changing the future with knowledge. The country today hosts over 1000 colleges and universities that offer MBA, PGDM, and other professional courses. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the top business schools in the country. GIBS takes pride in giving its students a top-notch experience at the college with the help of excellent features. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is known for its extremely competent and practical ways of teaching. Their exceptional features enhance the whole professional course. From experienced teachers to a globally acclaimed curriculum to a 100 percent placement guarantee, GIBS has a lot to offer. 

Discover your true potential with the best of facilities at GIBS. Over 250 hostels laced with top-notch features, host the students and offer a comfortable stay. GIBS has been awarded for its infrastructural excellence. 

The courses hosted by GIBS are more futuristic and give the students an opportunity to unveil their true talents. The college is connected with the best international schools and universities to ensure an international standard in their courses.  

More than 5 international education collaborations and an internal board are constantly making changes in the programs to make them more industry-relevant and fruitful for the students.

Their global immersion program allows students to visit international universities and gain in-depth knowledge. 

Value-added programs and worships by foreign professors and student exchange programs are also available for the students. A golden opportunity awaits here! 

Their connection with globally acclaimed universities helps them plan a curriculum that entails knowledge about what is happening in the international business world. This helps the students to have an edge over their competitors. 

GIBS is the 14th-best business school in Karnataka and 20th best Business school in the country. Its unique and modern ways take their teaching-learning process a level up. They have the strongest alumni network who constantly work towards making the GIBS community better. 

70% of action model learning helps students to apply the knowledge they gain from teachers from all around the world. The international analysis of the subjects gives the students a better understanding of the topics. 

Many committees and clubs are formed for the students with appropriate guidance, giving the students a chance to showcase their abilities and potential. Students here are trained to become future leaders adding value to any industry they step into. 

To help the college maintain its excellent reputation and standards in education, there is an internal quality check done to eradicate the shortcomings. From financial assistance to better opportunities, GIBS has it all. 

You could discover your abilities as an entrepreneur as well in their special initiative, the IRE school. Here students are encouraged to innovate, research, and learn entrepreneurship. This not only prepares them for better career opportunities but also learn skills like quick decision making, understanding the pros and cons, and more. 

If you are looking for a college that will help you achieve your dreams then the Global Institute of Business Studies is the business school you need. Give your career the perfect assistance to flourish and achieve success.


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