What are the Job Opportunities after PGDM in Business Analytics?


What are the job opportunities after PGDM in business in Business Analytics?

As the role of business analytics becomes more relevant and useful, a PGDM in Business Analytics provides access to various sectors. It provides aspirants the option to choose their industry and job profiles. They can select from a wide range of career options available in India and overseas. Let’s take a look at the top five career pathways for Business Analysts:


  1. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is a competitive industry that requires significant research as its basis, and only a business analyst can combine these elements in a way that offers businesses an advantage over competitors. Market Research Analyst, Marketing Manager, Advisor, and Campaign Manager are some of the popular career choices.


  1. Human Resources

Human resources are the foundation of all industries, and it requires analytical tasks such as evaluating statistics to identify patterns in recruiting, hiring practices, turnover, organizational rules, employment regulations, and the development of a human resource information system. HR Consultant, HR Strategist, HR Analyst, and HR Director are some of the popular career choices.


  1. Banking & Investment

Financial reports, verifying compliance with federal legislation, reviewing financial models, structuring documents related to financial arrangements, and so on are all functions and responsibilities of a business analyst in the banking and investment sector. Bank Analyst, Investment Analyst, and Financial Analyst are some of the popular career choices.


  1. Information Technology

Business analysts in the technology industry have a wide range of tasks, from project inception through project completion and all in between. Because the industry is competitive and full of opportunities, most analysts earn good money. Some of the popular career choices are software analyst, IT analyst, and project manager.


  1. Management Consulting

Business analytics is an effective manager. They are excellent at the responsibilities that include formulating and implementing solutions, interacting with consultants, synthesizing inputs resulting from qualitative and quantitative analysis of complicated data, and much more. Some of the popular career choices are consultant, business analyst, analytics consultant, and advisor.


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