What does it mean to be named as “Business School of the Year—South?”

What does it mean to be named “Business School of the Year – South?”

Some achievements are so special that it becomes necessary to discuss them. Discussion should not be done just because it has achieved something big. Rather, it should be discussed because the story behind this achievement can be known. GIBS Business School considered one of the top business schools in India, was awarded “Business School of the Year – South” at the recently concluded Outlook Spotlight Business Icon Awards 2022. Also, the Business Icon Award was given to Mr. Ritesh Goyal, Managing Director, GIBS Business School. Both awards unfold a success story, behind which there is a long chain of tireless efforts.


The vision of becoming a “B-School with a Difference”

A decade ago, when business schools were flooding the country and institutes were opening one after another, misleading propaganda and marketing gimmicks were becoming the hallmark of B-schools. The concept of quality education and real professional training was getting lost somewhere. In such a situation, when GIBS Business School was started, it kept its vision clear. It chose the path of quality education instead of aggressive marketing.

GIBS emphasized practical education by going beyond theories to make management education practical and applicable to modern times. Instead of making the classroom a boring lecture, it became a practical workplace. Along with learning the principles of business, students got the opportunity to apply them in the real business world. Continued efforts were made. As a result, GIBS Business School emerged as a “Business School with a Difference.

Not only its PGDM course, which is considered to be the best PGDM programme in the industry but also the affiliated BBA programme from Bangalore University, is a highly sought-after course. These courses create a launch pad for success for a student.


The Real Meaning of Placement

Whenever business school is talked about in our country, the word “placement” emerges automatically. Knowingly or unknowingly, students and parents also get pulled behind this word. And believe it or not, this is the ultimate criterion for choosing a business school or PGDM programme. GIBS is known for its 100% placement rate, and surprisingly, it has been successful in doing so since its inception.

Experts often try to analyze how GIBS can do this so consistently. The answer is simple: a defined process. Any result is the result of the process behind it. GIBS has also laid down a defined procedure for this. Students are prepared for a business environment right from the start. They are trained by active corporate mentors. They are part of industrial projects. Through internships, they are allowed to fully understand and excel in the business environment.

Also, the focus is on their communication skills and holistic personality development. With many mock group discussions, they had to perfect themselves before facing a real group discussion. They had participated in numerous mock interviews before their actual job interview. GIBS’ final year students are far better prepared than others. This is the reason why they are quickly grabbed by the industry.

Getting a job is just the entry point. The real identity of a prepared student is when he shows acumen in his work. He quickly climbs the corporate ladder and emerges as a business leader within a few years. Also, the entrepreneurship training that GIBS provides has resulted in successful start-ups.


Finishing School and IRE

These are the two initiatives that make GIBS special and make it the top B school in the country. The GIBS Finishing School is a specialized programme designed to help PGDM students find jobs, internships, and launch businesses. The student schedule is determined each Saturday based on the school agenda. From life skills and soft skills to all-around personality development, such a good programme is rare to come across. GIBS’s Finishing School has been appreciated by industry experts.

The modern era is an era of innovation, and the future belongs to innovative leaders. GIBS knew this secret from the very beginning and hence made the Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship Lab (IRE) a part of its core curriculum. It is an activity-based learning laboratory where students get the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Through programs, workshops, and expert sessions, students shape their innovations under the guidance of industry leaders. This lab, which is prepared for startups and corporate leadership, has been highly appreciated by the industry.

Recently, GIBS announced a first-of-its-kind initiative. A PGDM student will now obtain an IRE degree credential in addition to his PGDM. GIBS is laying the groundwork for a game-changing future. A PGDM student has now joined IRE School with an impressive and prosperous future.


The Goal of Getting Better and Better

Being selected as the “Business School of the Year – South” is a great feeling, but it is neither a stoppage nor a point of vanity. It is a journey of bettering yourself where you get the assurance that you are moving in the right direction.

GIBS does not claim to be superior or inferior to anyone, but it does claim to provide the best business education. GIBS does not promise to get you the highest placements, but it does promise to enable you to become your best version and perform at your best. GIBS has received such honors in the past as well and will receive more in the future. However, the GIBS mission of quality education will benefit thousands of capable students in the coming years, and the industry will continue to get a capable and ready workforce.

GIBS is the top B-school in Bangalore, known for its excellent PGDM and BBA programs. For more information about GIBS and its innovative programs, you can visit its website.

GIBS Business School is an Exclusive Business School offering PGDM – AICTE Approved Program & BBA – Bangalore University Program. GIBS Has been considered as a Top Business School in India with the Best ROI College in Bangalore. GIBS has Ranked TOP 10 Business Schools in India under Management Category. Being a Best PGDM/MBA Colleges in India GIBS’s 70% focus will be on Practical Exposure. GIBS Accept CAT/MAT/CMAT/ATMA Entrance Test with a minimum 60 percentile. GIBS is promoted & Driven by IIM Alumni and being a Top B School in Bangalore our Focus will be on the Holistic Development of IQ, EQ, SQ & HQ. GIBS is a preferred choice for the Management student because GIBS IRE School & Finishing School is one of the unique programs which provides the best placements for PGDM & BBA Students in Bangalore. To get PGDM/BBA Admission in Bangalore aspirants can call GIBS executives at any moment and clarify their queries.

When we talk about the TOP 10 PGDM Colleges in India, GIBS is one among them GIBS is a Non-IIM Member institution by CAT 2022 and GIBS ranked in the TOP Business School Category by Top B School Surveys like Times of India, Outlook India, Forbes India, Complaintive Success Review (CSR) Etc. GIBS Ranked 9th Best B School for BBA Placement in 2022 and Considered TOP 10 BBA Colleges in India with Unique Teaching Pedagogy (50% Practical, 20% Field Work & 30% Theory).

GIBS always believe in seeing is believing and we bet that you will love the state-of-art corporate infrastructure and you will also love meeting the team of innovative minds at GIBS who believe in spreading the Power of Positivity. Looking forward to meeting all of you in person at our campus. Thanks one and all.


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