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PGDM Dual Specialization All You Need To Know!

As the management industry becomes more competitive, business organizations require the assistance of qualified management experts capable of dealing with the problems of an ever-changing business landscape. Students can keep up with the ever-changing global business management market by pursuing a dual specialization in the PGDM program.


Dual specialization in PGDM

Specializations are integrated as part of the curriculum in PGDM programmes. It comprises two or more courses in a particular field of business management and operations. These specializations may involve professional training in many of the fundamental business activities, such as accounting, finance, and marketing, as well as in specific business fields. A specialization is not a degree in itself. Rather, it implies that a student has finished a set number of upper-level courses that focus on certain parts of business operations and management in a given subject matter.


The Top 3 Advantages of Dual Specialization in PGDM

1. Advanced Career Growth:

Dual specialization in PGDM provides students with the chance to keep up with the industry’s frequent shifts and to stay abreast of current marketing trends. With multidisciplinary abilities in many disciplines, acquiring a job and landing a career in management roles is much easier, and you can undoubtedly become a valuable asset to an organization.


2. Competitive Edge:

Dual specialization distinguishes your resume from other applicants who have only specialized in one field. When it comes to expertise and skills, more is always better than less. Employers appreciate recruiting candidates with multiple specializations since it is advantageous to the business. Dual specialization might help you stand out from the rest by broadening your horizons.


3. Better Career Opportunities:

With this qualification, you can easily make a career change. Preparing for and dealing with two domains instills confidence and expertise in individuals, which will be beneficial in the present and future perspectives.


Dual Specialization at GIBS

It’s important to get dual specialization from a reputed college. Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is a Top B-School in Bangalore, offering dual specialization in PGDM. GIBS ensures that the students are taught to meet the requirements of the industry with a dual specialization curriculum. Check out GIBS’ website to learn more about its dual specialization in PGDM.

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