What is the Syllabus for the PGDM CAT Exam 2022?

What is the Syllabus for the PGDM CAT Exam 2022?

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) designed the Common Admissions Test (CAT) to help them choose candidates for their various management programmes. The CAT syllabus covers a wide variety of topics. The IIMs do not have a set curriculum for CAT, but most of the questions are based on math and English topics from middle school. The CAT (Common Admission Test) is now an annual computer-based test administered in India by one of the IIMs on a rotating basis. This exam evaluates a subject’s numeric aptitude, verbal aptitude, data interpretation, and logical thinking. Generally, each segment of the examination is allocated 40 minutes of the applicants’ time.


Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)

CAT Verbal Ability is one such domain that has seen considerable topical and structural changes during the past several years. Based on the topics that came up on the CAT 2021 exam, you need to study the following:

  • Comprehension of Literature: The test had a total of 16 RC questions and 4 readings.
  • Paragraph Summary: This is another field that has gained significance in recent years.
  • Para-jumbles and Misfit Sentences: These two themes have become test staples in the past several years.

Examining the aforementioned subjects should reveal the lack of a considerable number of themes. This is because approximately 70% of VARC’s weighting is allocated to RC questions solely. There were just eight VA questions on CAT 2021, and none of them was multiple-choice. However, the trend is always shifting, and you must be aware of all the pertinent themes that have emerged in the past few years. The following are additional key VARC components:

  • Sentence Completion
  • Common Grammar and Usage (with questions about common grammar mistakes, words that are hard to understand, and phrasal verbs)
  • Verbal Reasoning: Fact-Inference-Judgement
  • Questions involving vocabulary (mainly fill in the blanks).

Remember that grammar questions assess a candidate’s ability to identify and fix grammatical problems. In general, the CAT tests how well you know grammar from high school, such as how to use articles, prepositions, modifiers, subject-verb agreement, parallel construction, phrasal verbs, etc.


Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)

In the DILR segment, there is almost the same number of data interpretation problems and logical reasoning problems. The majority of these questions are organized into groups of 2 to 6 questions. The following are the primary subjects of CAT DI and LR, respectively:

Games and Tournaments, Number and Letter Series, Calendars, Cubes, Clocks, Venn Diagrams, Binary Logic, Seating Arrangement, Syllogism, Logical Sequence, Logical Connectors, Blood Relations, and so on.


Quantitative Ability (QA)

CAT’s quantitative ability test is comprehensive. In recent years, a greater emphasis has been placed on arithmetic-based problems in QA. The bulk of the CAT 2021 questions was arithmetic-based. Algebra is another topic with a significant weighting. There were a few geometry questions. Therefore, to succeed in CAT QA 2022, be sure to review the following topics:

Number Systems; LCM and HCF; Time and Work; Speed, Time, and Distance; Simple and compound interest ratio and proportion; Quadratic Equations, Linear Equations, Complex Numbers Logarithm, Binomial Theorem, Sequences and Series, Surds and Indices, Inequalities, Probability, Permutation and Combination, Set Theory, Functions, and Mixtures are all examples of mathematical concepts.


Important things to keep in mind

There is no CAT Exam Syllabus that is clearly stated on the CAT Official Website because CAT sometimes throws challenges at the candidates. Nevertheless, every question on the CAT is answerable since it evaluates applicants’ understanding of the fundamentals. To improve your performance, review the CAT Syllabus 2022 and the key sections from which the majority of questions will be drawn. After achieving conceptual clarity in a variety of subjects, devote adequate time to practice. Finally, please check the official CAT website in October 2022 for sample lessons.


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