What Makes GIBS Different from Other Management Schools? -January 12, 2016

What Makes GIBS Different from Other Management Schools

It is the aspiration of every student to get the best of education and also to make the most of his/her education. It will not be wrong to say that many students are misled in finding the right institution that can nurture their dreams and hone their skills.

Getting educated from reputed institutions has their advantages. No doubt it always depends on the student what s/he makes out of her/ his life but being armed with educational degrees from prominent colleges always helps. Placements are much easier, and overall exposure in the field is also of much higher quality.

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is one of a kind business schools in the country situated in Bangalore with world class infrastructure and facilities. The students are exposed to 360° overall development not only with regards to education which, of course, is the aim of the institution but also other extra-curricular activities like arts, sports, drama, adventure and the like.

GIBS is one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore which has to its credit many accolades and recognitions. Some of them are: 4th Ranked Best B-School in India by “Higher Education Review”, 5th Ranked Best B-School in infrastructure in India by “Higher Education Review”, 8th Ranked Best B-School in India by “Gyanduniya.com”.

Getting to the top is easy compared to staying on the top. GIBS has successfully managed and evolved itself to become one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore. The students are made to earn their degrees through strict and efficient study plans but nonetheless, they are also pampered with the best of facilities and their hobbies, and other talents are also encouraged.

All in all, GIBS stands for a holistic and quality development of its students who step out as young and confident women who are ready to take on the world with their ideas, plans and dreams.


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