What makes GIBS one of the best MBA schools in Bangalore? – April 22, 2016

What makes GIBS one of the best MBA schools in Bangalore?

GIBS is not just a school of Business Administration, It is a passion. And wherever passion is there, the work outshines others. GIBS is a thought, carefully designed and nurtured not to be a part of the rat race but to bring the best out its students for a better world.

It is the teaching methodologies of an institution that brings recognition to it. At GIBS, the faculties are subject matter experts who impart not just theoretical knowledge but also teach the practical realities which make the big difference. This methodology reduces the gap between the actual education and the industrial expectation.

GIBS boasts of world class infrastructure which has been planned with taking complete care of its students with villa styled Hostels, Amphitheatre, Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Wi-Fi connectivity and so on it is a campus which is every student dreams of. No wonder, GIBS has an enviable camped in Bangalore.

GIBS have a very sound Placement Cell. The GIBS Placement Advisory Board consists of a group of renowned experts who help to further the mission and aims of the business school, and actively associates itself in the placement planning and execution. It is due to the efforts of this Advisory Board that all GIBS students have excellent on campus placement opportunities.

Also, mention must be made about the interest garnered by the GIBS Sports Academy. This is a very robust initiative taken by GIBS where the students are encouraged to participate in sports activities. With certified coaches in various sports, the students are allowed to take their passion for sports forward. This is an integral part of GIBS, which is a rare phenomenon today.

How much ever the school imparts knowledge, without Ethical knowledge, any teaching is not up to the mark. GIBS makes a special effort to build the right ethical values and instil social responsibilities amongst its students so that they work for the betterment of the society long after their educational years.

It is these small and big things which are so intricately thought of and executed that makes GIBS one of the best MBA schools in Bangalore.


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