What makes GIBS the top ranked B-School in India & why students prefer GIBS for Management Programs?

What makes GIBS the top ranked B-School in India & why students prefer GIBS for Management Programs?

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), a part of Goyal Education Trust, An Institute of International Educational Standards, has successfully built its own reputation as one of the best business schools in Bangalore in terms of pioneering refined quality of learning, moral keep up and intellectual support across the all-encompassing span of advanced education in India.

The main strength of GIBS lies in its core of highly qualified and experienced faculty. Here, we motivate our members to engage in research, corporate training and consulting activities apart from doing regular classroom teaching. Our faculty has an international reputation. Their teaching and research work is regularly assessed and accredited. Along with this, we take initiatives to invite and host well-known international educators.

GIBS is equipped with infrastructure facilities that match international standards. This includes classrooms, seminar halls, conference halls, 500-member capacity auditorium, well-organised and rich library, dance room, yoga room, indoor games, amphitheatre, canteen, hostel and more.

Here, at GIBS we believe in overall development of the student which surpasses the realm of bookish education. Considering this we have crafted a curriculum which nurtures your mind & your soul.


GIBS Core Values:

Happiness & success program – Every day an hour long session between our students & professors helps them share a deeper connect with each thus not only helping them understand each other better but bolstering their trust with each other.

Holistic Approach is our way of work – We believe every person needs to be in connect with nature & his surroundings if he wants to truly fructify. We achieve that by Imparting lessons on spirituality to enhance your life, making you more creative & having better focus not only as a student but as wholesome living being.

Practice BEFORE you teach ANYTHING – Our teachers & counselors have underwent enormous amounts of training to be able to teach in such a way to bring out the best in every student under their guidance.

Quality & discipline is our motto – We have a firm belief that, discipline is the key to success. Hence, unlike other colleges where you will be taught only through books we believe in a personalized approach to each & every one of our student, thus invigorating in them a sense of pride & evoking the discipline necessary to reach the epitome of success.


Key Highlights:

  • FREE EAE programme
  • Holistic Development of IQ, EQ, SQ & HQ
  • VAPs by International Faculty
  • India’s First IRE School
  • Happiness & Success programme
  • Personal Branding programme
  • 6 Credit based Projects
  • Complete Action Learning School
  • 90 days to 9 months model
  • GIBS Corporate School
  • Exclusive Business School
  • Unique Mentoring model
  • 20+ Student Societies
  • Global Immersion programme
  • Subject Matter Experts from IIMs, IITs
  • Top Ranked B-School


What makes GIBS the top ranked B-School in India & why students prefer GIBS for Management Programs?

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Global Intelligence
  • Learning through Practice
  • Alumni Relationships
  • Publications & Resources
  • Regular Placement Sessions
  • Unique Learning Practice
  • Global Exposure
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Career Counseling by Industry Expert
  • Personality Development

At GIBS, we teach leaders to be pioneers of the modern frontier. Think critically. Challenge assumptions. Change the rules of competition. Along with being the pioneers of quality business education, we have an everlasting array of social, cultural, and athletic events and facilities. This includes a stunning park-like setting with rolling hills, trees, and beautifully constructed architecture buildings. Owing to our well-designed infrastructure, students can listen to music, dance to the rhythm, and even attend a lecture from a world business leader. Become a part of our family and experience one of the most inspiring destinations for business innovation.

At GIBS, we are driven towards innovation. Our programs—each one taught by our world-renowned GIBS faculty—apply a research-based approach unique to GIBS education. By enrolling for our academic programmes, students can collaborate with like-minded individuals from across the globe and evaluate the practical issues faced by modern business and today’s leaders.

GIBS has state-of-the-art facilities with a rich and modern infrastructure. The campus fulfils all the norms provided by the governing bodies in terms of infrastructure, equipment, and modern amenities. The campus is designed to provide a perfect educational environment that is free from any pollution while staying easily accessible.

Going Over & Beyond – GIBS is a firm believer in doing more than what is expected of us. That’s why in a few short years we have risen to be the top B-school in India. We not only provide the best curriculum but help the student with world class counselling by our extremely adept professionals. We achieve that in two phases –


Academic Mentoring:

Each professor is assigned several students as mentees based on their language and hometown. The mentoring meeting takes place often with the entire group or with the individual mentee. The mentor will maintain a separate book to track the progress of every mentee after each meeting. Career counselling, individual concerns, grievances in academics or any personal problems faced by the mentees will be discussed in the mentoring meeting. This helps students to have a proper direction for the overall development and eliminate ambiguity.


Placement Mentoring:

To ensure proper grooming and overall development of the student and to be industry-ready, we have a team of efficient executives working for placements department. Each executive is assigned some students as mentees. The mentor will give continuous feedback to the mentees on their interpersonal skills, communication skills, analytical ability and more through assessments.


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