What To Do After UG/PG Exams? Start Your Management Career With GIBS!

What To Do After UG/PG Exams? Start Your Management Career With GIBS!

A good management course has always been the dream of many aspirants because it makes them tech-savvy with all the business aspects. But the scope of MBA, PGDM, or BBA is not only limited to the business domain! As a management graduate, you’ll get multiple opportunities from both the public and private sectors.

Many management aspirants might have completed or about to apply their UG and PG examinations. But an MBA in post Covid-19 is still questionable. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown MBA graduates are also needed besides doctors, nurses, and scientists.

Businesses won’t stop in any pandemic, and multinational firms need skilled MBA graduates. Surprisingly, there will be innumerable job opportunities for fresher graduates.

Are you thinking of dropping the plan to join a business school?
Well, stop wasting your valuable time and think out of the box.

If you are thinking about joining the business school, it is the right time to maximize your capabilities and learn new things without any distractions. Well, the question is which career opportunities and industries can give you a big fat salary in the upcoming years.

Let us understand the best career opportunities for you in post Covid-19.

Scope And Top Sectors That Will Be In Hot Demand For MBA Graduates

As already mentioned above, various sectors have been adversely affected due to Covid-19 Pandemic. However, multiple sectors will be in demand in the next couple of years. Retail, Automotive, BFSI, IT are a few of them that will need innumerable MBA graduates by 2022.

A well-learned fresher is always an asset to an organization. However, in the earlier days, there was no need for MBA graduates to have technical skills.

The present hiring requisites are different, companies need graduates who are skilled and blessed with both technical and non-technical skills. Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and adaptability are the few skill sets that make you an industry-ready MBA graduate.

Here are some of the sectors that you should think of initiating for your lucrative career in the upcoming years.

Information Technology: IT sector will always welcome skilled MBA and BBA graduates throughout the year. Here MBA graduates are required for operational and managerial roles instead of handling technical parts. If you love networking and are blessed with strong presentation skills, choosing any IT-oriented specialization would be recommended.

Travel And Tourism: Like IT, the travel and tourism industry will also boom in the post Covid-19 period. Myriads of travel lovers and enthusiasts were living under one roof due to lockdown. Believe it or not, once international flights start for tourism, travel lovers will jump on their travel boots immediately. This sector will require more and more MBA graduates specialized in travel/tourism and hospitality.

Business Analytics: This is a significantly data-driven sector where skilled MBA/BBA graduates are always in demand for providing solutions to various business-related issues. If you are interested in joining this sector, you should possess good communication skills, conduct meetings, know how to manage time, and deliver timely reports.

Automobile: Unarguably, MBA graduates are always fond of working in the automotive sector because this domain is highly-rewarding and interesting. The best part is there will be many job opportunities for MBA graduates in this domain, and the competition level will be quite low. If you can handle multiple tasks and are capable of communicating well, the automotive sector will always welcome you!


Why Choose GIBS Bangalore In Post Covid-19 For Your Management Career?

Global Institute Of Business Studies (GIBS) is one of the most successful business schools in Bangalore, known for providing refined learning quality to the students. ‘’Where talents are nurtured, ambitions cherished, ideas shared & dreams fulfilled’’ is the motto of GIBS, and no one can beat this institute in terms of placement records.

Recently, 100% of eligible MBA graduates were placed in the top-notch multinational firms like Reliance Jio, Flipkart, Bata, etc. When you join this business school, you are heading towards becoming an industry-ready MBA graduate.

The key reason to join this school is Goyal Education Trust promises to introduce a scholarship program worth 2.7 Crores for the students interested in MBA and PGDM programs (2020-2022). Being the 28th best business school in India, GIBS provides a scholarship worth 1.5 lakhs on the overall fee on MBA/PGDM programs to every student.

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