Where will I get a good MBA program in Bangalore? – January 21, 2016

Where will I get a good MBA program in Bangalore?

Education is a crucial aspect of any career oriented person. If the basics are strong, the person is bound to have a strong foundation is whatever field he/she chooses. Getting a good degree from a reputable institution has always been an added advantage.

There are scores of people who are interested in changing their field from technical to management. Also, some of them have always had a flair for business and management. It is important to get a good MBA degree to make get a solid start for your career prospects.

GIBS B-School, Bangalore is a premier institution providing world-class facilities and amenities to bring out the best from its students. Situated in plush environs, GIBS is a dream come true for any student. The campus is designed to bring a sense of belonging and assures its students of a safe and happy student life.

The principal asset of GIBS is its core of highly qualified faculties. GIBS encourages its Faculties to engage in research, corporate training and consulting activities apart from doing regular classroom teaching. GIBS Faculties have an international reputation. As a result, much of their work has an international orientation. Their teaching and research work are regularly assessed and accredited. GIBS is student life with undoubtedly one of the best B schools in Bangalore.

No wonder GIBS attracts a maximum number of recruiters and GIBS takes pride in getting the right person for the right job kind of recruitment for its students. GIBS has the distinction of getting the big wigs in IT & ITes, Apparels Recruiters, Automotive, Banking, Sector Engineering, FMCG, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing Companies, Market Research Companies, Multinational Corporations (MNC), Telecom, and the like in search of the best-trained talents.

The overall experience at GIBS Business School is that of a celebration of best of knowledge, ethics and integrity. It’s an experience of a lifetime.


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