Which course is better, MBA or PGDM?

Which is more valuable PGDM or MBA?

A question that often arises in the minds of aspirants while choosing the right business school, is which course is better-MBA or PGDM? Often, people are in doubt when searching for an MBA course and see some of the best top colleges in the country offering PGDM courses. Let us explain the difference between MBA and PGDM and which of the two courses will be better for you.


The basic difference between MBA and PGDM

As the name suggests, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master’s degree, and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a diploma degree. Generally, management degrees given by government universities or other institutions that come under the UGC are called MBAs. Whereas under the HRD ministry, the business program offered by AICTE-recognized B-schools is called PGDM.


In terms of acceptance,

For industry, there is no difference between an MBA and a PGDM. They have similar perspectives on both courses. Because both the courses run on almost the same curriculum and provide similar training. Employers judge students based on their skills, background, experience, and attitude. In such a situation, the stamp of a good institute is more effective than the name of the course.


In terms of recognition,

If a student wants to join a Ph.D. or fellowship program later, then PGDM is equally valid as an MBA. For such programs, students are selected based on the quality and value provided in the management courses of the business school.


In terms of entrance exams,

Both programs accept CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT, and CMAT courses. How to prepare for CAT without coaching?


Final verdict:

Business schools offering PGDM may modify their curriculum in response to changing business needs and industry behavior. They quickly adopt new models, tools, and technologies to provide cutting-edge education to their students. In such a situation, students are fully prepared for a successful future. Premier business schools like GIBS in Bangalore offer PGDM courses. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Now!