Why Choose BBA During Covid-19 Pandemic: Is It Perfect Time To Kick-Start Your Career?

‘Tough times don’t last, but Management Graduates do’

In the wake of the Coronavirus, like other nations, India too faced challenges while saving lives and maintaining the economy in the lockdown phase. The volatile geopolitical situation occurs once, in a lifetime, India has struggled and handled the crisis with extensive analysis.

However, many entrepreneurs and businessmen like Mukesh Ambani have turned this situation into an opportunity to boost their business as well as the country’s economy. In simpler words, management aspirants can also think out of the box and turn their dreams into reality.

Sectors like Food, Agriculture, Information Technology, Transport Infrastructure, Travel, and Tourism are sectors that will be booming in the next couple of years.

How about pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) post Covid-19 and grabbing the upcoming managerial posts?


Why Should You Think About BBA Now?

According to RBI Governor, Shaktikanta Das, and PM Narendra Modi, International Monetary Fund projects (2020-21) will boost the global GDP by close to 9%. India will be taking various steps towards recovering from Covid-19 and boosting the GDP by 7.4% in 2020-21.

With the recent changes in the Indian Education System, young graduates will be more interested in the management field because the path is easier and more flexible. According to various reports, the youth generation will look forward to career options like Integrated MBA and BBA, available in most institutions.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) was a not-so-popular career option for Indian youngsters. With the latest facelift version of BBA, BBA’s curriculum is the perfect shortest version of the MBA. Like MBA, BBA aspirants will also participate in workshops, placement training, and hands-on learning on the latest technologies.

Regardless of being an underrated degree in India, there will be thousands of career opportunities available after doing BBA.


Doing A BBA Post Covid-19 A Good Idea Or Not?

The BBA can turn you into a hot-pick in the post-pandemic situation. Are you thinking about whether it is a good period to apply for a BBA in a looming economic crisis? While going for a BBA seems a questionable decision, it may be quite advantageous for you in the upcoming years.

Low Competition Level

Many aspirants will be waiting for 2021 or struggling with the dilemma of joining business schools. Lastly, they will drop their plans and get engaged with their favorite web series. For you, life would be easier because you’ll be having better career prospects than others.

Above all, business schools have already shifted to the e-learning method and offer multiple scholarships. However, the aspirants won’t be waiting for long to join the business school. In the upcoming admission sessions, business schools can undoubtedly expect a surge in the number of students.

Subsequently, it’s the right time to up your game and pursue a BBA.


Less Risk Of Unemployment

Business schools are struggling to grab the attention of aspirants, and there are fewer chances of applicants restarting their careers. The process is simple: the economy improves, applications go down, the economy goes down, and the number of applications increases.

For instance- you can analyze the 2009 recession period when people were dying because of hunger and employment. The backward and middle class was adversely affected in that period. However, many MBA graduates with decent work experience managed to get job opportunities even in the recession period.

Have you convinced yourself to pursue a BBA in the unlocking phase? Which is the best management institute for BBA in India? According to the current situation, GIBS Bangalore is one of the best business schools for doing BBA. As it is the 3rd best business school in India, you learn theoretical knowledge and gain practical exposure through their dedicated BBA training programs.

Now, let’s dig deeper and know why GIBS is one of the best options for BBA.


Why Is GIBS One Of The Best Management Institutes For BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is accredited by Bangalore University and is one of the flagship degrees of GIBS. BBA might be an underrated degree in other institutes, but not in GIBS!

This degree is the gateway for youngsters to build a strong future and shine in their careers. Pursuing BBA from GIBS gives a strong boost to your career and enhances your employability quotient.

The BBA curriculum in GIBS is industry-oriented and emphasizes the significance of hands-on learning in various administrative areas.

GIBS also conducts various training sessions where you become more creative and learn non-technical skills. Gaining necessary non-technical skills is essential to become an industry-ready manager.

Lastly, after completion of the BBA course, you don’t look like an ordinary candidate in the placement cell. GIBS prepares you to become a multi-tasker and makes you capable of holding executive roles in top-notch companies.


The Final Touch

What is so special about BBA and PGDM programs in GIBS? Whether it’s a BBA or MBA program, GIBS designs its programs where students understand how the business world works and encourage them to face real-life issues.

GIBS is always considered one of India’s best business schools because of its refined quality learning meeting international standards.

Interested in doing BBA? Enroll In GIBS and ‘GET MORE THAN JUST A GRADUATE DEGREE’