Why Finishing School is important Today?

Why Finishing School is important today?

Every PGDM aspirant enters an institute with some dreams. Not every institute is capable of fulfilling all those dreams, as the challenges have increased with the passage of time, and not everyone is ready for them. GIBS Business School in Bangalore realized this need long ago, and they embodied Finishing School in their core PGDM program.


What is Finishing School?

Finishing School is an innovative initiative where students become future-ready. It is a dedicated wing that provides support for startups, placements, and internships. BBA and PGDM students compulsorily become a part of it every Saturday.


Why is Finishing School important?

  1. Ready for Placement: No matter how much people deny the fact that placement is a key prerequisite for opting for any PGDM program. Finishing School fulfills this need. It not only prepares students for placements but also assists them in locating the best internship and placement opportunities available.
  2. The bridge between the needs of the industry and the skills of the students: This gap is frequently visible where, on the one hand, the industry lacks qualified employees and, on the other hand, aspirants are unable to find suitable employment. Finishing School fills this gap with various tools.
  3. Personality Development: A perfect personality is the guarantee of a perfect future. GIBS students are groomed in every way in the Finishing School.
  4. Soft-Skill Training: One of the main objectives of the Finishing School is to make its students fully proficient in soft skills like communication, leadership, networking, attitude development, etc.
  5. Preparing for Start-ups: The goal of a start-up is not only to employ themselves but also to create new job opportunities. For this noble cause, Finishing School trains its students to be start-up-ready.


Bangalore-based GIBS is counted among the Best PGDM Colleges, but ventures like Finishing School put it into another league. Click on the link below to find out more about GIBS Finishing School.


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