Why is a residential MBA always a worthwhile investment? – January 31,2017

Why is a residential MBA always a worthwhile investment?

When we come across a smart professional, highly apt at their game, it is a natural phenomenon that we get immediately impressed and can’t help but develop a certain curiosity.The curiosity is about getting to know the person up-close and trying to find out whether it is a born trait or an acquired skill set that makes them the winner they are today.

Yes, there is a distinct possibility that such charismatic people might be gifted in their DNA, but it is through intense professional training that skills are honed and polished.

It is no secret that MBAs from top notch B-Schools are dominating the corporate structure globally and the one thing about all these graduate management programs worldwide is the fact that almost all of them are delivered the full time on a residential campus. Most of these corporate honchos will tell you that they were not the same animal and even their shadows looked different before they got into a business school.

The classroom has its limitations of a pre-decided curriculum, so the bulk of the actual transformation happens beyond the walls of these lecture halls.

The entire persona of an aspirant becomes an adapted coagulate of the whole experience that the student goes through, right from the classroom, libraries, canteens to the dorms/hostels. Peers and seniors significantly influence once thought process as they are the most relevant, being in the same ambiance going through the same rigors and challenges.

MBA is a two-year lifetime experience that includes case studies, group discussions, debates, workshops, projects and so much more. The optimum outcome of this entire process flow happens when learning is through spending time with like-minded batch mates and professors beyond the stringency of classroom timings. This is substantially observed in a Hostel environment where community living is encouraged.

The diversity that students enrolled from various academic and cultural backgrounds bring in are breeding grounds for new innovative ideas and becomes a primary source of networking for fellow students. This diverse experience when only confined to classrooms will go underutilized until the adequate time is spent with classmates who also become hostel mates after class hours. This gives sufficient opportunities to develop the camaraderie through engagement in intellectual masturbation while brains are picked in assignments, case studies, etc.

The MBA experience at GIBS is not limited to academia only as recruiters are hunting for a well-rounded profile. The extra curriculum is not confined to sports or music anymore, so classrooms are not enough to provide the essential. The Hostel follows its curriculum where cultural fraternities, sororities, and clubs, are hubs of intellect stimulation. Many entrepreneurial blueprints are designed under these Hostel roofs, and fresh ideas flow unapologetically and unflinchingly in late night “addas”.

Considering the time saved from an everyday traveling adds ounces of energy to a student’s already stressed out mind and body, but often special lectures are scheduled on odd hours which almost becomes inaccessible to students not staying nearby and becomes an incredible loss of opportunity.

Summing up, it is needless to say that a residential program adds soul to the whole learning experience in the MBA curriculum at GIBS. Even if it might look like an unnecessary expense for students whose homes or relatives are not too far, it is an investment worth every penny of it.

Home or a homely atmosphere can be distracting at times and two years is just too little to let even a moment pass by that is not well spent and adds value to one’s pursuit of achieving the objective of joining an MBA program.


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