Why MBA or PGDM is the perfect choice for BA graduates?

Why MBA or PGDM is the perfect choice for BA graduates?

Many students believe that pursuing a postgraduate degree in management like an MBA or a PGDM is only a suitable career path for BBA or B. Com students. However, this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth; an MBA or PGDM program after completion of an undergraduate degree program is attainable for students of all academic streams; including those with BA degrees.

Students graduating from the Arts stream might be confused and think that business administration, commerce, or science students have an edge over them. However, pursuing an MBA is an excellent career option for BA graduates as well. It is a beneficial and effective choice, just as much as it is for students from other streams.

Students might think they have entered an entirely foreign world when entering university life; however, this is simply not true. MBA or PGDM programs expose students to diverse subjects and modern challenges, and both science and commerce students are exposed to these challenges.

Therefore, BA graduates should not be discouraged from pursuing an MBA or a PGDM program. BA graduates looking to expand their employability with a master’s degree in management can significantly boost their employability by developing leadership skills, increasing salary potential and broadening global exposure while expanding professional networks. It’s crucial that they choose a program which aligns with their career goals and interests irrespective of which undergraduate degree was pursued.

MBA or PGDM is a program that welcomes students from all academic streams as it deals with organization, administration, and management, which embraces diversity in terms of previous knowledge. An MBA program has a broad range of specializations within, making it a universal program.

When considering pursuing an MBA after completing a BA degree, students can confidently opt for the course, regardless of the field their bachelor’s degree belongs to. Eligibility-wise, students are 100 percent eligible to pursue an MBA or a PGDM from the best MBA colleges in India after completing their BA degree. Today, MBA after BA is considered an excellent choice for graduates from any field who have a passion for entrepreneurship and business management.

With an MBA or a PGDM, BA graduates can benefit from the specialized knowledge and skills that they acquire during the program. They can enhance their employability, develop a strategic mindset, expand their professional network, and gain exposure to global business practices. Furthermore, students from the Arts stream can contribute their unique perspectives and insights to the business world and drive innovation in their chosen field. Ultimately, pursuing an MBA or a PGDM after a BA degree can unlock countless opportunities and pave the way for a successful career.


Why MBA or PGDM after BA?

After earning their BA degree, graduates who wish to expand their career prospects and strengthen their management knowledge may benefit greatly from taking up an MBA or PGDM program. Here are a few reasons why an MBA after BA could be right for them:

  • Boosts employability: An PGDM(MBA) degree is highly valued by employers across industries, making it easier for graduates to secure job opportunities in their chosen field. Students gain skills and knowledge that are in high demand by organizations worldwide.
  • Develop Leadership Skills: A PGDM(MBA) program equips students with essential leadership skills such as decision-making, problem solving, communication and critical thinking that are vital when managing teams, projects and organizational processes.
  • Increases salary potential: An PGDM(MBA) degree is associated with higher salary packages and more significant earning potential. Graduates with an MBA can expect to see higher salaries than their counterparts with only a bachelor’s degree.
  • Provides global exposure: An PGDM(MBA) program exposes students to global business practices and cultures, providing them with a global perspective. This experience can be beneficial for graduates who plan to work in multinational corporations or aspire to work in the international business arena.
  • Expands professional network: An MBA or PGDM program provides students with opportunities to network with industry professionals, alumni, and peers. This exposure can help graduates expand their professional network, which is critical in today’s competitive job market.

Conclusion Obtaining an MBA after receiving a BA can be an ideal strategy for graduates who wish to advance their careers in business. Achieving the degree equips graduates with valuable specialized knowledge, skills and exposure that could open doors to multiple job opportunities with higher salaries potential and an expanded professional network.


Career Scope after PGDM(MBA) with BA

Completing a PGDM (MBA) after a BA degree can significantly enhance career prospects for graduates. An MBA degree is widely recognized and valued by employers across industries, and graduates can explore various career opportunities. Here are some career options available after completing a PGDM (MBA) with a BA degree:

  • Business Development Manager: A Business Development Manager’s role involves identifying new business opportunities, creating strategies to maximize them and cultivating relationships with clients. An MBA degree with a BA background can help graduates excel in this role by providing them with a blend of business management skills and a creative mindset.
  • Marketing Manager: Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and branding initiatives. An MBA with a BA background can equip graduates to better understand consumer psychology and create persuasive marketing campaigns.
  • Financial Analyst: Financial analysts are responsible for analyzing financial data, compiling reports, and making investment recommendations. A MBA with a BA background can equip graduates with an in-depth knowledge of finance, accounting, and economics that make them invaluable assets to any company.
  • Human Resource Manager: Human Resource managers are charged with recruiting, hiring and managing employees. An MBA with a BA background provides graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills for leading teams effectively while understanding employee behaviors and developing an effective organizational culture.
  • Entrepreneur: An MBA degree with a BA background can equip graduates with the knowledge and abilities needed to start their own business venture. Students learn to identify business opportunities, develop business plans and secure funding – giving them everything they need to start their own company.

A PGDM (MBA) degree with a BA background can open up numerous career opportunities across various industries. It provides graduates with specialized knowledge, skills, and exposure, making them valuable assets to organizations or well-equipped to start their own ventures.



Multinational corporations seek multi-skilled employees to tackle complex challenges and corporate operations, often preferring qualified MBA professionals. Therefore, pursuing an MBA or PGDM degree after obtaining a BA is an excellent choice. For entrepreneurs, obtaining sound management skills is essential for business growth. Choosing a top PGDM college in India with excellent placements is crucial for long-term success in the corporate world. Aspiring students should contact GIBS Business School for expert guidance throughout the admission process. GIBS, located in Bangalore, is a top choice for pursuing a PGDM(MBA) in Bangalore, providing industry-aligned training modules for students.


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