Why should GIBS students get serious early about ‘No Tobacco’

Why should GIBS students get serious early about ‘No Tobacco’?

Warnings of tobacco consumption being harmful to health have appeared on cigarette packets for a generation. The authorities have done the right thing by prohibiting tobacco advertisements over radio and television. The less the growing age knows about tobacco, the better.  It is said that Out of sight is usually out of mind. The kids pick up such habits out of curiosity or perhaps after watching parents and elders doing it. That single smoke may commence a lifetime of tobacco addiction, ending in lung cancer or early death.

Is the tobacco habit worth the price? The best B school in Bangalore realizes that it is mass suicide when you consider the millions that smoke regularly. Can you imagine chain smoking when one leads to the other almost all day long? What will happen to the lungs? Not only doe second-hand smoke cause further damage but babies in the womb suffer and stand a higher risk of decreased lung function.

Get eco-friendly before it is too late

Propagating the 2019 theme of ‘Tobacco and Lung Health,’ World No Tobacco Day has been observed since 1972 under the World Health Organization on 31st May each year. Perhaps it should have started a century earlier. Humanity has always used tobacco, even in the first days, and discovered some wild plants that contained narcotic properties. While studying why tobacco is so attractive to so many, it is partly ‘hype’ and the ‘style’ factor associated with screen idols. Advertising makes you feel that liberation and happiness lie in such habits as smoking.

A survey of school and college students in Bangalore reveals plenty of tobacco use and even drugs and alcohol. These substances should be viewed together rather than in isolation because they are interconnected. One usually leads to the other. Frequently, it is found at parties, for instance, that several such substances are consumed together. Once addicted, it is a vicious circle that is not easy to escape from. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore wish that the campuses are free from such evils that interrupt student careers and harm professional chances of success.

The price to be paid

Hopefully, we are all aware of our surroundings. Usually, that is a small world of the home and family, school or college, and maybe the workplace. The media speaks of global happenings. Do people know how many are adversely affected by tobacco? Probably, most don’t.

Along with lung and mouth cancer, tobacco use causes asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis, tuberculosis, and lower respiratory infections. Lung power is diminished. Already, environmental pollution is terrible enough in India and very bad in some places like the capital Delhi. In addition to that, hellish pollution, tobacco smoke indoors can be severe.

Tobacco smoke includes maybe 7000 chemicals, and 68 of those are known to cause cancer. The smoke lingers for 5 hours in the surrounding and may look innocently colorless and odorless but is a slow and silent killer in the long run.

A tobacco-free lifestyle is best

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore advocate never saying ‘yes’ to tobacco. Even those who tried a stick or two out of curiosity could end it there with the vanity satisfied. The awareness campaigns everywhere on such a large scale against tobacco should be convincing enough. The previous generation did not have such highly developed digital media and perhaps smoked innocently without really understanding the gradual damage over time. The present age will be digging their graves if they continue with such a destructive habit, despite all the media warnings.

Getting rid of the various forms of tobacco

Smoking and chewing are the most common forms of tobacco consumption. Snuff is also rather common. Tobacco is also consumed along with betel leaves and zarda in India. Though the authorities may claim that they are banned, the truth is that they are freely available. Just like plastics that are both prohibited and possible in plenty, tobacco spreads everywhere.

Once the mind is made up, quitting is not so difficult. A long-standing tobacco habit may witness mild withdrawal symptoms. Tobacco substitutes that copy the action like vaporizers may help. Discuss with medical personnel or seniors. One feels healthy after stopping the habit and energy returns. My appetite increases and lets it be a permanent break! Otherwise, depressing thoughts and fears of the disease will linger in the mind all lifelong.

Research reveals further bitter truths about tobacco

Mostly made by nature, tobacco companies naturally want their products to be consumed widely to boost profits that lie at the heart of any enterprise. Business students understand that idea very well. Only Bhutan has banned all forms of tobacco sale or consumption. Why can’t other countries follow the example? No, the attractions of money profits are more significant than human health, life, and death.

Now that research has developed so much further, the risks of tobacco usage and second-hand smoke are better understood. It is difficult to imagine the enormous scale destruction of health and mortality that results. In global terms, how many die each year from cancer of the mouth and lungs? For many, it is a living death that may be worse than mortality itself.

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore pray that good sense will prevail. May the students avoid frustration and desperation that usually lead to various forms of substance abuse. Though tobacco is yet legal in many ways, it is too big a risk over the long term.

Overall health and well-being depend upon the lungs and the heart, of course, along with several other body constituent organs. Like a machine, even if one organ is non-functional, everything comes to a halt or is severely impaired. Lungs play very crucial roles in health, far more than earlier thought.

Hopefully, the concerned authorities and the media will continue the campaigns to bring awareness to the public with the hope that tobacco use is curtailed. Think of the unborn and second-hand tobacco smoke damaging human life in addition to the millions of lungs set on fire each day.  Research reveals that tuberculosis deaths also owe much to tobacco.

If you are convinced about how great a villain is tobacco, you will make a great effort to quit it before it is too late. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program wishes to make student families tobacco-free forever. Can it be achieved?