Why should not a daughter get Educated? -March 8, 2016

“Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community”
–Greg Mcrtenson–

Great words…!!!


But can you understand it?

Can you imagine how deep a message that person has given us?

Let me explain to you, as we all know, what is a common mentality, towards a girl’s education in our country. They think it is a waste of money and time. And if they think it is important, they educate a daughter till primary or extremely till secondary education, just for a good marriage proposal.

‘A common man cannot think beyond this. He cannot think that educating one girl can change her life and others as well. And why just till secondary why not further studies? Just because they think it is not important or fruitful?

Let me tell you a true small story…..

‘A girl was born in a good house, and was the youngest among all her siblings. She was blessed with one sister and two brothers. Who never liked to go to school as they knew they had to join their family business after all.

But the youngest girl had some ambitions and dreams which she had to accomplish. And she wanted to do further studies after 12th. Even though she had born into a good family, her parent’s wish was she should get married and settle in her life, as her elder sister did instead of choosing further education. And they never understood her dreams and ambitions and rejected to help her monetarily in her education instead they were monetarily well-sound.

But she faced them and started earning herself by taking tutors home to home and started her further studies by her earnings. She completed her master’s degree and now wanted to start her own business. But as her parents were opposing it, they never let it happen and asked her to get married. As she never wanted to go against parents wishes, she agreed and got married to a good family.

After 6 years, she had three small children, two daughters and one son who was the smallest of all. She was living a happy married life, but because of an accident, she had to lose her husband. She was lost and had the whole responsibility of three small children on her alone.

She somehow managed to run her husband’s business, as there was no one after her husband to continue their business as well as for her living, but because of untrustworthy employees and staff, she had to bear a great loss in a business. As she was a responsible woman now, she never wanted her children to grow big on her elder brother’s earnings or father’s savings. She never wanted anybody’s sympathy towards her and her small children. As she knew the sympathy may turn into hate one day. As the sympathy does not exist longer. She sold everything left behind by her husband and she changed the city.

Now the question was,

How will she grow her children big?

What will she feed them?

How will she take a father’s place to her children?

How will she not let them feel that they had lost their father?

How will she fulfill their needs?


She had nothing with her except ‘EDUCATION’.

So, she started taking tuition for small children in their area, to educate them well as well as for her living. As she was new at that place she had to face many problems, she faced, but never lost her courage, in fact of knowledge about how difficult it is to grow kids alone she never took anybody’s help. Because she had her self-respect, the capability to grow her children, and the courage to face the world.

After one decade or so, she had her own house because of her hard work and education with her. And within two decades her children were studying in a good college and one of them had a good job. Children were understanding and always stood next to her in every hard time they faced.

Now the question is,

What if she didn’t have her education?

What if she could not have the courage to make her children grow?

What if she would have stopped her education at the primary level itself?

Could she have managed all these things?

And even though if she would have taken help from her family, how long they could have supported her?

An uneducated woman would have grown her children in any ashram or would have lived with her family. But how long they can support her; can she have her self-respect, there where she has grown big?

How long their family will grow her children?

Till when they will feed her and her children?

A man does not educate a girl with an open mind due to their boundaries toward modern thoughts.

It should never happen but what if the same incident takes place with your daughter or sister?

Will you keep them their whole life in your place?

– So it is not only the primary or secondary studies matter, but also further study is necessary in today’s world, to resist and to survive.

– And as studies show, educated girls improve the lives of their families, their communities, and even their country.

– And to get rid of social evils we should educate the girls.

– And if we want scientists, engineers, or managers in the future, we should be educating girls as much as boys.

And I am proud to say to you that I am the son of the woman on whom the story I have written. She is not only my mother but also my father. I never missed my father as I had my mother with me who always took the place of my father.