Why should you pursue PGDM after BBA?


In a competitive corporate world like today, it is essential to gain an edge over others to fulfill your career aspirations and build a standing for yourself. The dynamic business environment poses a challenging scenario for business management graduates. Rising to these challenges may be a difficult task for those still learning the ropes of business management. This is where a master’s degree steps in to polish your leadership skills along with enhancing your industry knowledge to help you propel your career forward. 


If you have completed your BBA and are now at a crossroads thinking about your next step forward, then here is a helpful idea. You can opt for a PGDM programme and start moving towards mastering your management skills. A PDGM course is a two-year full-time programme. It is a smart career move if you are looking to boost your career opportunities. 


The pedagogy of a PGDM programme adopts an innovative approach that facilitates both the theory and practice of different functional areas of management. It equips you with the intricacies of management and sharpens your mind to meet and overcome the obstacles that are faced in the field of management. 


To assist you in your decision-making, here are some essential reasons why you should study PGDM:


Industry-Centric Curriculum – Usually, colleges offering PGDM courses are not affiliated with any University, which means they are autonomous and independent to make their own decisions. They are not required to follow a curriculum designed in previous years. Thus, with the evolving business environment, the institutes too can update and upgrade their curriculum to provide the students with education relevant to the current industry trends. Also, with a practical approach to learning, they can understand the industrial culture and build teamwork skills. 


Enhance Confidence  – A PGDM helps in confidence-building as you face challenging tasks in your class and workplace alike. According to your specialization, a PGDM gives you a practical learning experience lined up by industry experts to help you in grasping the core business management concepts and gain problem-solving skills. Apart from the regular curriculum, the students are also equipped with soft skills, expert sessions, C2C sessions, and many others to make the students confident and job-ready.

Managerial skills – One of the significant benefits of pursuing a PGDM is that it polishes your managerial skills so that you can move up the corporate ladder. 


Bridging the gap between theory and practical learning – A PGDM programme from a reputed brand such as GIBS is well-planned to offer a comprehensive learning experience to students. During the course of study, you are given general papers on management in the first year. This mode of study continues with the summer internship projects, which will help you understand about job roles, and the responsibilities of various specializations while bridging the gap between theory and reality in the industry. 


Attractive placements and salary package – Who doesn’t aim for a placement at a reputed MNC with a fat salary package? Apart from having the right attitude, skills, and performance, what you need is a degree to give credibility to your resume. In this respect, a PGDM programme from a renowned educational institution is instrumental in offering lucrative job opportunities with an attractive salary hike. In fact, numerous institutions offer placement opportunities with good firms that can drive your career ahead.  


Specializations in a PGDM Programme

While pursuing a PGDM programme at GIBS, you have a chance to choose a dual specialization during your second-year course. It prepares you with in-depth knowledge of those subjects. Below is a list of dual specialization options curated according to industry relevance:

Marketing Management 

Finance Management 

Human Resource Management 

International Business Management 

Operations & Supply Chain 

Management Business Analytics 

Management Entrepreneurship Management


A PGDM is an ideal option for those who want to grow and stay ahead of the curve. The degree offers a comprehensive learning experience with hands-on industry experience. The course enables you to grasp the skills required to efficiently manage and administer teams, take smart and logical decisions, and effectively meet the challenges of the workspace and rise above them. If you have completed your BBA degree and feel that your growth is stagnated at your workplace, then a PGDM can kickstart your growth once again. You could aspire for higher levels of management such as CEO, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Director of Marketing, etc. Enhance your knowledge and upgrade your skills, opt for your PGDM programme and make a winning career move!


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