Wishing for more frequent events like Student of the Year 2017 at GIBS – December 02,2017

Wishing for more frequent events like Student of the Year 2017 at GIBS

Like the rarity of the sun and the moon, gala events like the Convocation and the Student of the Year can only be held once annually. One wishes that such inspiring occasions recurred more often. Let us find satisfaction in the fact that these events occur in the life of every university and institution and a single megacity like Bangalore has dozens of such organizations. So, they all add up to many memorable events to uplift the feelings and ideas of the society of which we are an intrinsic part.

A single day’s events represent the labor of two years or longer! Academics, attendance, culture, sports, discipline, and overall performance were the factors that contributed towards the selection of one towering student of the year. True it is that several candidates were in the running and certain it is that a few boys and girls were disappointed. Yet, the fact remains that the sun and the moon must reign supreme, with nothing like them. Valasala NVA Sai Shankar received the highest comprehensive scores and well deserved the crown of STUDENT OF THE YEAR. Congratulations once again.

Busy with the charged events taking place at the Student of the Year program, the recently concluded Convocation in the same month of November remained fresh in the memory. Though quite academic and research-based, the Convocation represented all the yearnings of the youth towards academic and professional success. Studying for its own sake is counterproductive. Knowledge must be applied for constructive purposes of nation-building and professional accomplishments. Yet, jobs come so much later. First, the boys and girls have to undergo at least 12 years of schooling and perhaps 5 years of higher education to qualify for an MBA.


The dynamic GIBS boys and girls

What was common to both high-profile events was the infinite energy and enthusiasm, the verve and spirit of the youthful Global Institute of Business Studies students. One glimpse and it is certain that professional success is on the way with all the dynamic personalities and skills that the students have achieved. Should we refer to them as students any longer? Yes, and no. In a sense, they would remain, learners, all their lives since the nature of knowledge is infinite. Experiences would add to the understanding and greater skills would be acquired in the years to come. If GIBS has succeeded over the years since its inception in 2001, it is the dedicated faculty along with other staff besides the students themselves who should receive a pat on the back.

Besides the happenings within the institutional dream and green campus at Bannerghata, Bangalore, it is the internships and impending placements that finally bring the professional touch. It is truly a sensational transformation before and after the two years that create business management professionals who can compete in an international setting.


The starry Student of the Year Awards function

Lots of color and drama, excitement, and a little tension accompanied that much-looked forward-to event. Arrangements were many and little by little, things were happening in the background. Planning and preparations, decorations, and furniture arrangements took place slowly but surely. Trophies and mementos, videos and cash prizes, catering arrangements, dances, and invitations, at one time it appeared unmanageable. Students were many and duties being eagerly distributed brought relief from worries. As the date was approaching, the Convocation elation remained and a sense of achievement prevailed. Now it was time for one more feather in the cap.

An imposing audience of 400 had gathered at the venue at the appointed time and place. Eyes and ears remained anxiously tuned to the rhapsody of programs that gradually unfolded over time. The spirit of enterprise was apparent on a training ground for business professionals. Everything was in order to celebrate the success of training that proverbially can transform cabbages into cauliflowers. Each of the awardees deserved what they received at the convocation and the student of the year functions.


A rain of awards!

Muthu Venkatesh received the Best Sportsperson title. Marziam Fatima was recognized as Best Talent-Female. Sameer Khan was judged the Best Talent-Male. Creative Club was certainly the best of the several clubs and committees. A Rolling Trophy went to the Organizing Committee.

Sandeep Bhansali and Emcee Archi deserve kudos as the hosts. SarthakBhaskarMangaonkar received the felicitations of a lifetime for numerous skating victories in international tournaments.
Chief Guest SarathHegde, Guest of Honor Aruna Singh, and Special Guests Bipin Ram Aggarwal, Satish Mittal, and Girish Gowda made it all possible.


Lessons to learn from the two mega events

Not all learning takes place in classrooms, seminars, and workshops in the life of a student, and more so in these technological times. Stepping out into real-life events and learning through practical experiences, sustained study, and work, and dedication to duty, society and country finally lead to the conquest of mighty leaks.