XAT 2024 Registration Last Date: All You Need to Know

XAT 2024 Registration Last Date: All You Need to Know

When it comes to prestigious management entrance exams, Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is always high on the list. Organized by XLRI on behalf of the Xavier Association of Management Institutes (XAMI), this exam is the gateway to more than 150 B-schools across India. However, before you mark your calendar for the exam day, it’s crucial to ensure you’ve registered on time. Today, we’re honing in on the XAT 2024 registration last date. Let’s dive deeper into the details.

What is the XAT 2024 Registration Last Date?

This is the burning question for many aspirants. The XAT 2024 registration last date is often set a few months before the actual examination. However, it’s recommended that candidates regularly check the official XAT website for the most updated information. The date often lies in the month of November or December, but there can be variations.

Why is this Date so Important?

Avoiding Last Minute Hassles:

Candidates who delay registration until the last moment may face website glitches due to high traffic. Registering well before the deadline ensures a smooth process.

Application Accuracy:

Rushing through the application process increases the likelihood of errors. Submitting your application ahead of the XAT 2024 registration last date provides ample time for revisions.

Timely Admit Card Procurement:

Only those who complete their registration before the deadline can procure their admit card on time.

Steps to Register Before the Deadline

  1. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the XAT official site.
  2. New User Registration: If you’re a first-time applicant, create a new account using a valid email ID and phone number.
  3. Log In and Fill Details: Use your credentials to log in and fill in personal, academic, and other details as required.
  4. Upload Required Documents: Scan and upload your photograph, signature, and any other specified documents.
  5. Pay the Application Fee: The fee can be paid online using various methods like credit/debit card, net banking, etc.
  6. Review and Submit: Prior to final submission, review all details to ensure accuracy.

Late Registration: What If You Miss the Deadline?

In some cases, XAT officials offer a late registration window after the XAT 2024 registration last date. However, this comes with an increased fee. Candidates are advised not to rely on this grace period and aim to complete the registration process well before the deadline.

Tips to Ensure Timely Registration

  1. Set Multiple Reminders: Using digital tools like phone alarms or calendar reminders can prevent oversights.
  2. Bookmark the Official Page: Having the XAT site in your bookmarks ensures easy and regular access.
  3. Regularly Check Your Email: Any notifications related to changes in the registration date or other important dates will be sent to your registered email.
  4. Consult with Fellow Aspirants: Joining online forums or study groups helps in staying updated.


The XAT 2024 registration last date isn’t just another date to remember. It’s the initial step towards your dream B-school. By ensuring a timely registration, you’re setting the tone for a well-prepared entrance test journey. So, always keep an eye out for the registration deadline, and may your management aspirations come true!

FAQs Related to XAT 2024 Registration

Typically, there's a brief window post-registration where corrections can be made. However, after this period, no changes are allowed.

The official XAT website and registered email are the primary sources of any such updates. Regularly check both.

While the exam center allocation is generally not influenced by the registration date, early bird registrations might have a slight advantage in securing their preferred center.

No, the registration fee for XAT is non-refundable. Ensure you're certain about taking the exam before registering.