XAT Preparation 2023: Preparation Strategies & Time Management Tips

XAT Preparation 2023: Preparation Strategies & Time Management Tips

XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) is an annual national-level admission test administered by XLRI to choose the most qualified candidates for management education. The XAT is approved by 11 member institutes of XAMI and more than 150 affiliate institutes. In addition, hundreds of more B-schools in India admit students based on the XAT. It is one of the most demanding admission exams, and students from diverse backgrounds take it with the hopes of enrolling in a top-tier management programme. The next XAT exam will be administered in January 2023. Candidates begin XAT preparation at least three months before the exam date. Experts and past top scorers on the XAT say that preparing for the test in 2023 will require a well-planned approach and good time management.


The Top 5 Key Strategies for XAT Preparation in 2023

  1. Thorough understanding of syllabus: It is crucial that all test-takers have a thorough understanding of the examination’s syllabus. Without knowledge of the course outline, preparing will be tough and time-consuming. Candidates will be guided by the XAT 2023 Syllabus through the areas and themes that must be thoroughly studied and prepared before sitting for the test. The course outline tells you in detail about the topics from which the test questions will come.
  2. Knowledge of the XAT 2023 Exam Pattern: Exam format knowledge is another crucial component of the preparation strategy. The XAT 2023 test pattern describes the question paper’s format. It describes the format of the paper, including the number of questions per section, the overall number of questions, the marks per question, the total marks, the time allotted, the negative marking policy, and the number of questions per section. If the applicant is aware of these criteria, he or she will be able to split the curriculum according to the test format and begin studying the sections with equal emphasis on each component of the curriculum. In turn, this will assist applicants to get high scores on the XAT 2023.
  3. Create a Study Plan: Candidates are required to begin their preparations by constructing a study plan. It is essential for candidates to plan out the extensive XAT 2023 curriculum in order to adequately study all topics. A decent study schedule will provide room for each topic and the portions that must be covered for the exam, therefore facilitating a smooth and simple progression through the curriculum.
  4. Pay Attention to the core concept: It is crucial that we understand the core concept of whatever we study. If applicants have grasped the notion of a subject or issue, then learning and memorization of that subject or topic becomes simple and expedient. Prior to engaging in practice, it is crucial for applicants to concentrate on comprehending the material. For courses requiring step-by-step solutions, conceptual comprehension is most beneficial.
  5. Regularly Take Exams: Candidates must routinely take tests in order to familiarize themselves with the examination format. Regular testing will also aid applicants in reviewing what they have studied and determining what they need to study further. Candidates will be able to identify their weaker parts and areas that require more practice and attention.


Top Five Time Management Tips for XAT Preparation 2023

  1. Prepare for the test by doing practice questions in the format of actual exams. Since there is no sectoral timer on the exam, candidates are encouraged not to spend time on a particular area. Each week, complete three to four full-length XAT practice exams, evaluate your performance and track your progress. Most questions in the verbal ability component of the XAT in 2023 will be from the reading comprehension sub-section.
  2. Improve your question-answering speed by completing the previous year’s exams, simulated exams, and sample papers. Maintain a stopwatch in front of you and set a goal while completing the sample examinations. It will improve your problem-solving abilities.
  3. Practice answering the questions quickly while maintaining precision. It is only feasible if the candidate regularly practices answering the questions. Instead of using pen and paper or calculators to solve issues, the focus should be on mental calculations using quick approaches.
  4. At least three to four hours a day should be devoted to study, with no interruptions permitted. Concentrate on memorization of all formulas in the quantitative part as well as speed-solving techniques for lengthy computations.
  5. Become used to preparing for the XAT by topic. For instance, you should read two chapters and answer one DI question every day. Regularly complete at least one RC passage. Similarly, for each part, focus on the subject areas from which the greatest number of questions are derived. Do not omit lesser topics, such as those worth one or two points, which are covered approximately twice a week.


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