Zero waste management – Don’t Bury, Don’t Burn.… – July 16 2016

Zero waste management – Don’t Bury, Don’t Burn.…

All of us are worried about our mother Earth, aren’t we? But how many of us really make an effort to contribute to saving her? How about we be a little considerate to our 5 billion years old mother earth? Got you thinking? Yes. Reuse! And Recycle!

A College student lives an extremely busy life and would have hardly ever thought about recycling and reusing their materials unless it is a college rule or initiative. Zero waste management is one such initiative taken worldwide, from waste worker cooperatives to local neighborhood groups to universities and governments, people around the world are working together to develop waste programs, adopt resolutions and create innovative plans. So as responsible citizens why may we not contribute to saving our environment? Just giving a thought to it would solve half the problem.

So what exactly is Zero waste management? How does this help in saving our nature? Well, zero waste management is a new age concept based on the complete stoppage of dumping trash in landfills and incinerators. Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and ensures that products are reused or recycled back into nature or the marketplace. This systematically eliminates the volume and toxicity of waste materials, and conserves and recovers all resources. Our motto here is, “Do not burn or bury waste”. Zero waste is more than just waste management; it is also about environmental justice so that the waste is not concentrated in poor and disenfranchised communities.

Zero waste movements in colleges and universities provide a perfect platform and opportunity to build awareness of the causes and effects and impacts of current waste strategies. According to a survey, college students in the US alone produce 200 million tons of waste. Zero waste act, manuals and guides like “Our environment not for sale”, ”Zero waste by 2020” and websites of different colleges and universities, namely, “Campus Ecology Program (CEP)”, ”Connecticut college is green”, ”MPRIG – The Green Campus”, ”UB green” and many more are being a part of this initiative.

Let us all look forward to the incorporation of the Zero Waste Management initiative in the GIBS social foundation campaign and support Mr. Ritesh Goyal – GIBS MD in his venture.