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Campus Biz

Campus Biz 2k22

Begin Your REAL Success Journey Today!

With a unique initiative, the GIBS Business School, Bangalore, is giving management students an opportunity to build their own businesses. GIBS is providing the necessary guidance and the generous help of ₹25,000.

From 6 to 7, students can form a business group and take advantage of this opportunity. A business group must establish a complete corporate identity, including a logo, tagline, etc. Each business group has to ensure that it makes strategic investments of funds and ensures maximum profits. For this, they can implement traditional and digital marketing, customer targeting, and service management, along with other innovative strategies.

The opportunity provided by GIBS is incredible, as some businesses have ensured to increase their revenue by more than one crore last year. This unique initiative is now open to new applications.

LCG - Local Consulting Groups

Local Consulting Groups (LCG) is a group of 6-7 PGDM students. LCG must create its own business under Campus Biz and assist local vendors‘ businesses.

Connect with local businesses such as juice shops, food shops, retail stores, vegetable markets, bakers, and other small businesses. They must educate local vendors on product development, marketing strategies, product placement, financial management, and profit maximization through end-to-end solutions.

In the end, they have to give a presentation with local vendor along with all the strategy and planning, and accountability details.

Fresh Blends

Real Fruit, Real Juice

Watermelon, mango, muskmelon, and lemon are among the juices available. Also, shakes with flavors including Oreo, Kit Kat, chocolate, strawberry, Rava laddoos, & dates.


Chase The Flavour Today

People love bread omelets for breakfast, bhelpuri for snacks, and biryani for lunch or dinner, thus they deal with bhelpuri, bread omelet, & biryani.


Discover A New Level Of Taste

The brand SVADA underwent a few changes in terms of the product and overall it is a holistic experience for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Experience The Magic In Flavours

It all began with banana chips, Pav Bhaji, & homemade wine. They’ve had a lot of hands-on experience learning about promotion, branding, and word of mouth.


A Taste Of Home

The PAPDquad will prepare a healthier, tastier Dosa with Chutney to delight your taste buds. They serve a variety of Dosas as well as traditional beverages.


BrownieBoys was born from one of the purest loves of all, the love of chocolate. We bake fresh homemade brownies, with all the qualities an amazing brownie should have; rich, indulgent, fudgy and moist.

LCG 08

From Strategy Till Delivery

It is committed to providing consumers with solutions to challenges they were unaware of. They help you grow exponentially and thrill you from the roots to the fruits.


Eat Like Home

Strives to provide the greatest meals of its kind to consumers while maintaining a ‘homey’ atmosphere. They want their customers to feel at home with them.

Streer Feast

Good Food Sets The Mood

Come and discover what makes different and live an unforgettable experience.

Spice & Dice

Taste The Tradition

The Spice and Dice team sells homemade pickles from Andhra Pradesh, which are very nutritious. They also sell cheese baskets and brownies.

LCG09 Fast Food

Good Food Always Ends With A Good Mood

They offered frozen veg nuggets, momos, French fries, and samosas, among other items. There are also various mocktails.


Trending Naari best-selling Saari and women’s accessories online and offline, they offer a wide range of designs at exciting discounted rates.

Frolic Peeps

Your Hobby World

They are a recreational platform. We provide courses on different kinds of hobbies through which their customers can convert their hobby into a profession.


Farmers Solution

We Make Your Farming Easy

They provide necessary inputs to farmers like weather conditions, soil fertility, water allocation and pesticides and fertilizers to the farmers. We provide it in the form of an App.

Dream Bytes

No More Long Walks For Small Snacks

At dream team provide vending machines to corporates, societies and public places for the easy and safe access of snacks.


Best of care, close to home

Aaroyam app is the solution for the people where they can use it to book appointment with the doctor, we also provide doctor details, doctor experience.



Making Travel Hassel-free

They look forward to revolutionize the way people travel by making it easier and lighter for them by giving them just one charger for all devices and all wall sockets.



Aapki Taiyari Hamare Sath

This team will help you organize your parties and events the way you want to, without having to compromise on anything.



Solar Energy The Smart Way

Their Team Sharks working on Solar Roadways. Through this, they want to generate electricity for the Needy Villages and Selling to the Government.



Everything at your fingertips

The smart ring is the future of wearable technology. It might not be as popular today as its peers like smartwatches, and smart bands.


Super Learning

It offers short online 80+ courses designed to help creative people master new challenges, develop their skills, and get inspired by new ideas.


Dried fruit is fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed either naturally, through sun drying, or through the use of specialized dryers or dehydrators.


Coconut oil may have several benefits for your hair and scalp. Using it as a hair mask and leave-in treatment may help moisturize and seal hair.

Cutie Corner

Using the best ingredients, our professional cooks serve delicious, nutritious, hygienic food in North and South-Indian cuisine in an airy dining space for our students.

Phoenix Helmet

A New Generations Smart Helmet

A smart helmet is a type of protective headgear used by the rider which makes bike driving safer than before. The main purpose of this helmet is to provide safety for the riders.


NewGen Farming

Lets Make a Difference Together

A Venture where we are providing an opportunity and creating a sustainable society to live!