Top Tips for Scoring High on the CMAT Exam

Top Tips for Scoring High on the CMAT Exam

The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national-level entrance exam for admission to management programs in India. Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), CMAT is accepted by over 1000 B-Schools across the country. With competition for seats in the top management institutes growing increasingly fierce, it is essential to know how to score high on the CMAT exam. Here are some top tips that can help you achieve your goals.

  • Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus:

To score high on the CMAT exam, the first step is to understand the exam pattern and syllabus. The CMAT exam consists of four sections – Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, and General Awareness. Each section carries 25 questions, with a total of 100 questions in the exam. Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus will help you focus on the important topics and prepare a study plan accordingly.


  • Create a Study Plan:

Creating a study plan is crucial to scoring high on the CMAT exam. Set realistic goals and allocate time to study each section. Spend more time on topics that you find challenging and revise regularly. Use mock tests to assess your progress and identify areas for improvement. A well-planned study plan can help you stay on track and reduce stress during the exam.


  • Read Widely:

General Awareness is a crucial section of the CMAT exam, and reading widely is essential to score well in this section. Read newspapers, magazines, and online articles to stay updated on current affairs. Watch news channels and listen to podcasts to improve your general knowledge. Regular reading and staying informed will help you tackle this section with ease.


  • Practice Time Management:

Time management is essential to scoring high on the CMAT exam. The exam duration is 180 minutes, and each section has a specific time limit. Practice solving questions within the given time limit to improve your speed and accuracy. Use time management techniques like the Pomodoro technique to improve your concentration and productivity.


  • Solve Mock Tests:

Mock tests are an excellent way to prepare for the CMAT exam. Solve as many mock tests as possible to get a feel of the actual exam. Analyze your performance in each test and identify areas for improvement. Mock tests can help you gauge your preparation level and build your confidence.


  • Focus on Accuracy:

Scoring high on the CMAT exam is not just about attempting all the questions but also about answering them correctly. Focus on accuracy while solving questions and avoid guesswork. Attempt questions that you are sure of and move on to the next one if you are unsure. Remember that each incorrect answer carries a negative mark, so accuracy is crucial.


  • Stay Calm and Confident:

Last but not least, staying calm and confident is essential to score high on the CMAT exam. Do not panic if you find the exam challenging. Take a deep breath, relax, and approach each question with a clear mind. Believe in yourself and your preparation. A positive mindset can make a significant difference in your performance.



Scoring high on the CMAT exam requires consistent effort, dedication, and smart preparation. By understanding the exam pattern and syllabus, creating a study plan, reading widely, practicing time management, solving mock tests, focusing on accuracy, and staying calm and confident, you can increase your chances of success. Keep these tips in mind and work hard towards achieving your goals. All the best!

GIBS Business School: Best PGDM colleges in Bangalore through CMAT

For admission to PGDM courses in Bangalore, the CMAT exam is one of the most popular entrance exams. Candidates must register for the exam, prepare for it, and then take it on the designated date to be eligible for admission to top PGDM colleges in Bangalore.


GIBS Business School is one of the top PGDM colleges in Bangalore accepting CMAT scores for admission. GIBS Business School offers a two-year PGDM program with specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, and Business Analytics.


GIBS Business School has a high CMAT cutoff for admission, and candidates must score above the cutoff to be eligible for admission. The CMAT exam date is usually in January, and candidates must register for the exam before the deadline. The CMAT exam pattern includes four sections: Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, and General Awareness. The exam is conducted online and has a duration of three hours.


To prepare for the CMAT exam, candidates can refer to the CMAT syllabus and take CMAT mock tests. It is also essential to know the best books for CMAT preparation. Candidates should also focus on their time management skills as the exam has a limited duration.


After the CMAT exam, candidates can check their CMAT result and download their CMAT scorecard. GIBS Business School accepts CMAT scores for admission and considers other factors such as academic performance, work experience, and extracurricular activities while shortlisting candidates for admission.


GIBS Business School offers specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, and Business Analytics through the PGDM program. The PGDM fees through CMAT at GIBS Business School are affordable and provide value for money.


GIBS Business School also offers MBA programs, and candidates can check the MBA colleges accepting CMAT scores for admission. The CMAT exam is also useful for candidates seeking MBA admission, and they can refer to the CMAT syllabus and take CMAT mock tests for preparation.


In conclusion, the CMAT exam is an essential entrance exam for admission to top PGDM colleges in Bangalore, and GIBS Business School is one of the best PGDM colleges accepting CMAT scores for admission. Candidates must focus on their CMAT preparation and score above the CMAT cutoff to be eligible for admission. GIBS Business School offers specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, and Business Analytics through the PGDM program, and the PGDM fees through CMAT are affordable. Candidates can also check the MBA colleges accepting CMAT scores for admission and prepare for the exam accordingly.


Here’s All That You Must Keep In Mind Before Giving MAT.

India is known to be the hub of education. The country’s education system is one of the most globally acclaimed and fulfilling systems in the world. From the beginning, professionals who wanted to make a mark in the corporate world had to make sure they stood out from the hundreds of other young and talented professionals. The one way by which you can level up in your career is by pursuing a professional course.

The tremendous rise in the number of students who want to pursue an MBA degree has given birth to competitive exams. It is true that after graduating you will not be receiving offers of managerial posts. The next step that one must take to achieve greater heights in a career is doing an MBA course.

As we mentioned there are millions of students who are competing with each other to get into the best colleges. It is extremely important to get into the right college for a professional course. A good college aims to transform an individual into a professional who is befitting in the corporate world.

An MBA college accepts scores of competitive examinations and then considers a candidate for admissions. There is an array of competitive exams today. Gone are the day when there was only IIMs and XLRIs giving credible degrees in MBA. the country now hosts several great colleges like Global Institute of Business Studies that offer the best of everything.
As MAT, competitive exams accepted by top colleges, will be conducted in February, let’s give you an idea about all things related to MAT.

What Is MAT?

MAT is the abbreviation for Management Aptitude Test, an online entrance exam conducted by AIMA, All India Management Association. MAT score is accepted by most of the top colleges in the country.

What Is The Pattern?

The pattern of the paper is as follows:

MAT Syllabubs

What Kind Of Topics You Must Study If You Want To Crack MAT With Good Scores?

Learn language skills and comprehension. English plays an important role as a language that is understood by most people. It is important to know English every MBA course uses English as its primary language.

Brush up your mathematic skills as throughout your life you will need maths. MAT concentrates greatly on Maths skills and has some tricky questions.

Basic Data analysis and understanding of data should be practiced.

Give importance to critical thinking and logical reasoning. This part takes most of the time and can be extremely confusing if not understood.

General knowledge about the world is essential as a chunk of the question paper has questions on this genre.

When Does It Take Place?

The MAT exam is conducted quarterly in February, May, September, and December. This allows the student to re-appear in the same year itself in case if you do not score well on the first attempt. You’re not wasting a year here.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose MAT Over Others?

1. You can apply to most of the top colleges for your MBA.
2. You can reappear in the same year as it takes place quarterly.
3. The difficulty level is comparatively lesser but needs equal attention.

What Should You Keep In Mind On The Day Of The Exam?

1. Prepare and Practice all the previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern and types of questions.
2. Make sure you keep a check on the exam dates.
3. Print the admit card and keep it safe, without that you will lose a chance to appear.
4. Make sure to be at your center a little before the time of reporting.
5. Carry valid identification proof.

Some Tips That Can Help You To Prepare For Your MAT Exams:

Make sure that you focus on the topics that you can understand easily. You can skip a few questions if you score better in other sections.

MAT mock tests are the best way to prepare. You will be able to gain knowledge about the syllabus and the kind of questions you will have to answer.

Make pointers and short notes for revision purposes. Instead of studying fat books every day make a gist of the topics and learn from your notes. This helps you understand things better.

Just because you are good at a few topics that doe not mean you will let go of all the other topics. You must have a basic understanding of all the topics as the difficulty level varies each year.

The last fifteen days must be dedicated to revision.

Concentrate on all your weak points and start working on them.

How Will MAT Help You Achieve Your Goals?

MAT scores can give you the golden opportunity to get admission in the top and reputed colleges like GIBS. This will accelerate your growth in your career and bring endless opportunities to flourish.

GIBS is known for its competitive and industry-relevant curriculum. It ensures that every student is given a global perspective on how a business works. At GIBS every training session, workshop, and other activities aim to unleash the true potential of an individual. Its efforts to prepare the students for the world of business is commendable and recognized by the country.

The placement cell at GIBS is one of the best that ensures 100% placements and internships. This helps the students stay motivated and through internships, they get a clear idea of all the business processes. The college gives importance to the overall development of the students. It hosts an array of events and committees where students participate and enhance their skills. From communication to presentations, each aspect that makes a professional become an asset to the company. Sounds like the perfect college right?

To all the students who are preparing for the MAT February Exam, all the best for your future endeavours, and may you pass with flying colours.


CAT results are out! What’s Your Next Step?

CAT is one of the competitive exams that allows you to apply in business schools for your further education. It is known to be one of the most difficult and challenging exams among a variety of others. Recently the results for CAT 2020 were published and here are the heartiest congratulations to all!

Pat yourself on the back for completing the mammoth task of passing CAT successfully!
Now that the result is out and you have done well for yourself what should you do next? This phase is the most crucial as well as challenging part of the entire process. Your dream of becoming a successful professional now needs to be shaped into a reality. You are done with your first big step of clearing a competitive exam and now you have to choose a course and college befitting your career plans.
Most of the students do list down the preferred colleges but if the results don’t match the cut-offs then it’s time for you to analyze your options. There are a few basic steps that one must follow are we have listed them below:

· Analyse CAT results and start looking for Institutes that accept CAT results in their admission process.
· Finalise a few of the colleges and check their deadlines for application submission.
· Check for the specializations that are available in the college. Try finding out the right combinations that will help you achieve your goals.
· Prepare and put together the documents that will be required by the college like mark sheets, attested copies, and more.
· Gear up for the next level of evaluation that will be conducted by the college like the GD-PI.

Pro-tip: Always look for colleges with 100% placements!

The College You Choose Is The True Game-changer For You!

It is important to choose a good college for your higher education as it will not only enhance your knowledge and skills but give a kickstart to your career. It is important to have a reputed enabler at the start of the career.
A good college offers programs that are well-planned with the help of experts. Every topic is covered and taught by highly qualified teachers. The importance of choosing the right college will eventually reflect on your career.
It is the game-changer! It can either help you stand out and become an exceptional asset for the company you will work for or just be an ordinary employee.

Global Institute of Business Studies – Uplift Your Career!

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the most reputed colleges in the country and has been awarded for performance oar excellence in the education industry. it takes pride in being awarded as the 14th best B-School in Karnataka, 20th best B-School in India, and many more such prestigious recognitions. These awards authenticate their work of excellence that they have been doing for young talents.
GIBS wants to nurture talents and reform lives with its global approach to educating young minds. A unique combination of theory and practical knowledge is offered to the students for a better understanding of the business world. World-class teaching methods are recognized and appreciated by many educational committees.
GIBS believes that every student has the ability to do well only if there is proper career guidance right from the beginning. GIBS’ promise to impart knowledge and enhance business skills is fulfilled right from the start.
A truly enriching learning experience entailing workshops, seminars, training, and many such beyond classroom activities. All the activities are conducted by either the experts from the industry or highly qualified faculty members, ensuring the real challenges they will face.

Their efforts of giving the student a global perspective on the world of business are exceptionally good for a budding professional. This helps the students to understand and be aware of what is happening in different countries in terms of business.
The internationally accepted curriculum and international standards in teaching are because of their close association with top foreign universities. This sets them apart from many of the B-schools of India. Some of the prestigious foreign universities that GIBS has tie-up with to give the best to its students are:

Nottingham University, UK
Stevenson University, USA
Lincoln College, US
Lincoln University, Malaysia
Putra Business School, Malaysia

The students get an opportunity to make foreign study tours and get the golden chance to explore the nitty-gritty of foreign businesses. This helps them learn newer things, keep them aware of what can be the future of businesses, analyze possibilities that can be implemented in a business, and also the ability to enhance a business.
The ultimate goal is to get the job of your dream. After completing a post-graduation course, you would want to make sure you get a job that will justify the time and money you invested in the course. GIBS also gives 100% placements and internships with exciting roles and responsibilities in some of the best companies in the world.
GIBS also makes sure that the student receives the happiest learning experience and that is why they put in extra efforts to keep a check on the student’s mental health as well. Their HAPPINESS PROGRAM is a thoughtful initiative taken for the betterment of mental health as healthier minds are more successful!

Specializations that are offered by Global School Of Business Studies
From marketing to operations to becoming an entrepreneur, GIBS hosts an array of professional courses to give your career the right start. Some of the programs are

Marketing Management
Finance Management
Human Resource Management
International Business Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Business Analytics Management
Entrepreneurship Management

Understand various aspects of the business with their dual specialization modules and level up in the career. A campus that is fun and beautiful enabling students to achieve the most from their course.
What an experience it is right? Visit the college today!


GIBS, A Unique Path To Success!

A management course is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the life of a professional who wants to pursue a career in the world of business. From learning new things related to the business to self-development, management courses are the biggest turning points in the career.

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country hosting PGDM and BBA courses. Each course is carefully designed keeping in mind all the possible ways of taking students closer to a successful career. The institute not only offers a professional course that enhances skills but it as a unique endeavour in life.

Today, India has numerous colleges and universities that host professional courses like PGDM, MBA, and more. It is important to understand that choosing the right course and the right college. Both hold immense importance in acquiring the most from the course.

GIBS is known for its extremely well-planned curriculum encompassing internationally accepted syllabus and activities. The entire course is an opportunity for students to explore their abilities under the guidance of experts from all over the world.

Pro-tip to all those who are looking for a college to pursue the PGDM:
Make sure to choose a college that gives equal importance to workshops, training, seminars, and other extra-curricular activities. This will not only help you in seeking a comprehensive learning experience but also prepare you for the real world of business.

GIBS hosts an array of features that enables a student to bring out their best version in front of their employers. From letting the student learn entrepreneurship to helping them to come up with innovative business ideas, GIBS lets the student go beyond limits.

GIBS believes in ‘Nurturing Talents’, giving everyone a chance to achieve their goals. The PGDM course is a unique blend of business analytics and soft skills training to enhance young talent.

How Will Global Institute of Business Studies Make A Difference In Your Life?

Endless Opportunities.

From hundred percent placements to fruitful internships, Global Institute of Business Studies allows every student to put their best foot forward. GIBS promises a bright future and helps the students to polish their skills and caliber to make their mark on the world of business.

GIBS is associated with more than 600 companies who are present at the recruitment drive. Every opportunity is achieved through sheer hard work and a lot of research by the placement cell. The importance of getting a dream job is clearly understood and prioritized by GIBS for its students.

Campus Life on Point

When you are doing your research you must make sure that the campus is good enough to host your dreams. GIBS offers a campus that screams knowledge and fun from every corner, giving the students a good time while they make careers. The advantages of having a good campus life are many but some of them are making memories of a lifetime and being energized to give your best. A constant enthusiasm is there while studying when the campus is lively.

More than 250 hostel facilities are available for the students laced with top-notch features like banks and other essentials. It has been awarded as the 4th best business school in the country for its infrastructural brilliance.

Internationally Connected

GIBS is connected to more than five international universities to give the students a curriculum that is industry-relevant and future-ready. The curriculum is very carefully planned, keeping in mind the international standards of knowledge the country’s business will need.

This unique collaboration helps the students become valuable professionals to their organization as they apply analysis and research skills that are ahead of their time in the national scenario of business. In today’s rapidly changing world of business, this attribute is one of the most important points that employers look for in their employees.

The students here get a chance to explore the top-ranked international universities and incorporate the new learnings in their career to excel.

The above three features are some of the brilliant ways with which the Global Institute of Business Studies is changing lives for the better. GIBS helps each student to reach their true potential and flourish in their careers.

Some More Unique Features Of GIBS:

It is awarded as one of the best business schools in the country for its unique teaching methodology. Its approach to impart knowledge is known to be student-centric and research-based. 15th best school in Karnataka, GIBS takes pride in having one the strongest alumni that constantly contribute to the GIBS community.

60% action model learning gives every student the ability to apply knowledge right from the beginning. A holistic knowledge sharing experience for the students through more than 8 committees and clubs formed with enthusiastic students and mentors to help you shine in all the possible ways. Beyond classroom experiences at GIBS awaits your presence and dreams!

Apply now!


Unfold The Pro-tips Of Scoring Well In Your Competitive Exams

India is known for its extremely competitive and adroit education system. Every year thousands of students appear for competitive exams to get into their desired colleges. Every college has its own criteria and cut-offs.

Amidst an array of competitive exams, some of the most popular and nationally accepted exams are CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT, CMAT, ATMA, and many more. The scores of these exams can decide which colleges you can apply to for your postgraduate studies. There are many colleges where you may not need these scores but they’re surely not one of the best.

India is a country of talents and these competitive exams help the colleges to choose students who are suitable for the courses they are offering. These scores are the ticket to your post-graduation degree. While we understand the value of these exams, one must not take this as the only definition of achievement!

How Can You Score Well In The Competitive Exams? What Are The Basic Tips To Do Well?

These exams are extremely important and difficult thus, need months of preparation. The question paper is usually divided into many parts and examines your English, Maths, logical reasoning, and general knowledge. Some of them demand stronger maths while some require stronger English. It is very important to be focused and have an organized approach to studying.

Below are a few key points you must keep in mind when you start studying for your competitive exams:

First Thing First – Know All The Details!
Firstly, when you plan to pursue your post-graduation, look for the cut-offs of the colleges you want to apply to. The key to making sure you are appearing for the right exam at the right time is to do thorough research. Know about the dates, the centers where the exams are held, and which colleges accept their scores. These are the basic three things that you need to know before you start studying.
Pro-tip: Go through the previous year question papers to understand the pattern and types of questions.

Strategize And Make A Routine!
Competitive exams are extremely methodical and difficult. You must plan your routine and study each subject carefully. It is important to divide your time and plan your study as this will help you achieve your objectives. A timetable is a must!

While you make your timetable, keep these things in mind:

Please set realistic goals and make sure to achieve them.
Do not choose odd times to study, ensure maximum productivity.
Carefully allocate time to the subjects, for example, complex subjects will need more time.
Take a break! Most importantly, take short breaks to study better.

Study From The Genuine Resources!
Choose your resources wisely when you start studying. Buy books and take classes that are genuine and relevant. Have a good amount of study material so that you can study each subject in detail.

Throw The Stress Away!
There is no point in stressing over the exams and losing your mind over them. You need to be calm and compose and work smart. Study each pattern from the previous year’s question papers. Understand each topic to make sure you are able to answer anything that comes on the paper.

Make sure the last few days are for revision and not anything new. This will make you panic and you might just forget about the things you have studied already.

Stay Positive And Be Confident!
Needless to say, if you have done your bit that is studying then there is no stopping. Keep revising and stay away from all that peer pressure. Your potential will unveil at the right time so you must not be too dependent on the scores.

These competitive exams take place every year so if you do not get through or score as high as you thought you can re-apply again next year.

Write What You Have Learnt!
Study says that you learn better when you write down each and everything that you study. This also helps when you are revising. You can just go through the notes and be prepared.

Update Your General Knowledge!
General knowledge is important and it holds a major section of the exams. Update on current affairs every day and make sure you know about all the things happening around the world.

Vocabulary Is Important!
All the competitive exams have extremely tricky English questions and it is important for you to be aware of extremely confusing words to ensure you are able to understand all the questions.

Test Your Aptitude!
Your aptitude should be on point. Keep answering the questions related to logical reasoning and thinking. This will sharpen your way of thinking and analysis.

Stay Motivated!
Motivate yourself and study hard to score your desired score and get into the college that you have always dreamt of.

Let’s Talk About GIBS!

Colleges across the country accept these scores. The Global Institute of Business Studies accepts all these scores. You can be a part of this reputed college that offers world-class education with endless opportunities if you score above 60 percentile.

GIBS is not only a prestigious host to well-planned PGDM programme but also offers international standards in teaching. The college has a team of foreign professors and is connected with more than 5 international universities, enabling students to learn beyond the business world in India.

The well-planned curriculum, workshops, seminars, and more help each student to achieve their dreams from the beginning. The placement cell takes care of all the students by preparing them for interviews and the corporate world. Every student is trained to enhance their skills and bring an overall change in them. The college is an epitome of top-notch education and activities to enhance young minds and help them add value to the world of business.