Conferences at GIBS

Conferences at GIBS


GIBS regularly hosts various conferences to enrich the business education fraternity. The regular flagship conferences of GIBS on brands, innovation, and technology bring together a large number of influential executives and creative thinkers. Attracting experts from business, technology, media, and marketing, GIBS promotes a discussion on how new trends in marketing, finance, human resources, business analytics, innovation, technology, society, and culture can impact the world. The speakers and attendees at GIBS represent a unique cross-section of academia and industry. Participants come to learn new ways to think about how industries are changing and to connect with a unique group of innovators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and supporters of social enterprise.

HR Conclave 2023

During the GIBS HR Conclave, you’ll gather valuable insights, strategic advice, and useful tools to help you reach your key goals. Through interactive sessions and valuable discussions with peers, you’ll find motivation while enhancing your professional skills and expanding your network. Participating in the HR Conclave can also contribute to your company’s success. Often, having a deeper understanding of your industry can make a significant difference.

International Conference

GIBS Business School hosted the ICIDT 2023, an International Conference on Innovation and Digital Transformation, in collaboration with Tradepreneur Global Research Organization from Southampton, UK, and KC Group of Institutions from Nawanshahr (PB) and Pandoga (HP). This noteworthy event took place on August 11-12, 2023, at the Bangalore Campus.

IRE Conference & Awards

The IRE Conference was a yearly gathering organized by GIBS IRE School, serving as a platform for students, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and industry experts to come together and share ideas, insights, and knowledge. We are thrilled to announce that among the 18 teams of PGDM students who took part in our Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship programs, the top three teams have been chosen to showcase their exceptional business ideas.

marketing conference gibs business school bangalore


GIBS marketing conference agenda covered the most pressing issues for today’s marketing leaders, such as asserting marketing’s relevance, shaping the future of marketing with insight, data, and analytics, succeeding in customer experience, and orchestrating multichannel marketing to support the customer journey. Each time, our experts have hundreds of interactions with the marketing community. They employ this knowledge to assist you in addressing your greatest marketing difficulties.

finance conference gibs business school bangalore


GIBS Business Analytics (BA) & Finance Conference is designed in a way so that industry professionals may create relationships, advance their careers, and discover new business prospects. With live demonstrations of innovative financial products, expert advice from influential professionals, and fantastic networking opportunities, there is no better way to discover your path forward. The GIBS Business Analytics & finance conference is known for promoting new ideas in fintech from both small businesses and large companies.

hr conference gibs business school bangalore


At GIBS HR Conferences, you receive objective insights, strategic counsel, and practical tools to assist you in achieving your most important objectives. During engaging sessions and priceless peer talks, you can gain inspiration while building your professional abilities and professional network. Attending HR conferences may also be beneficial to your firm’s success. Most of the time, it helps to know more about the field in which you work.

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