Corporate Projects

Corporate Projects

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The Industrial Project based Learning approach has always been a priority at GIBS, where students create, develop, and build practical solutions to problems. Industrial projects have educational value since they are designed to develop students’ creative problem-solving skills, often in small groups, to solve complex or poorly structured situations. GIBS included Industrial Live Projects, Social Internship Projects (SIP), Industrial Internship Projects (IIP) and Business Immersion Projects (BIP) in the teaching pedagogy.


Industrial Live Projects (ILP)

GIBS encourages students to participate in Live Projects from businesses/industries. This gives our students real-time practical experience to be associated with the company for a certain period during their studies. This basically develops employability in the students by providing them to hone the skills required to complete the tasks and make them align with the corporate expectations.

Social Internship Project (SIP)

At GIBS, we strongly believe in fostering responsible citizenship among our students. We encourage them to contribute positively to society and the environment. As part of this commitment, we have implemented a mandatory Social Internship Project (SIP) during the second trimester. The Social Internship Project spans six days and carries one credit. It should be carried out after the regular class hours. These activities may include volunteering, working at food banks, participating in animal shelter initiatives, and more.
The guidelines for the Social Internship Project will be shared with students. Each student is required to undertake the project individually, allowing them to explore and contribute to a cause that resonates with them personally. The project provides an opportunity for students to make a tangible difference in society and develop a sense of social responsibility.
To ensure accountability and assessment, students are required to submit a report documenting their Social Internship Project activities. Additionally, they should include photo proofs to support their report. These reports will be evaluated and graded, recognizing and appreciating the efforts and impact made by each student.

Industrial Internship Project (IIP)

The Industrial Internship Project is a mandatory component for every student. It provides an opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and apply their classroom learning in a professional setting. During the internship, students are expected to conduct a detailed study, which involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organization they are working with. This study helps students analyse the organization’s structure, operations, and various aspects related to its functioning. The student is supposed to identify a problem related to the process and come up with a solution for the same.
In addition to the organization study, students are required to submit a report based on their findings. It is important to note that this report must be original work, and students are expected to provide a plagiarism certificate along with their submission. This ensures the integrity of the project and the authenticity of the student’s work.
Before starting the internship, students must seek approval well in advance from the Placement Department. It is also essential for students to maintain regular communication with their guides throughout the internship period.
The Industrial Internship Project is a mandatory project for all GIBS PGDM students. They will have to successfully complete the project to be eligible for their PGDM degrees. The Internship Project will be evaluated for 5 Credits and will last for 10 to 12 weeks from June through August, for a total of 3 months. This will be followed by a Viva- Voce in the month of September.
Overall, the Industrial Internship Project is designed to provide students with an immersive learning experience, enabling them to develop essential skills, gain industry exposure, and make valuable connections for their future careers.

GIBS Business School Top Business schools in Bangalore Corporate Projects