Corporate Projects

Corporate Projects

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The Industrial Project based Learning approach has always been a priority at GIBS, where students create, develop, and build practical solutions to problems. Industrial projects have educational value since they are designed to develop students’ creative problem-solving skills, often in small groups, to solve complex or poorly structured situations. GIBS included Industrial Live Projects, Social Internship Projects (SIP), Industrial Internship Projects (IIP) and Business Immersion Projects (BIP) in the teaching pedagogy.


Industrial Live Projects

GIBS encourages students to participate in Live Projects from businesses/industries. This gives our students real-time practical experience to be associated with the company for a certain period during their studies. This basically develops employability in the students by providing them to hone the skills required to complete the tasks and make them align with the corporate expectations.

Social Internship Project (SIP)

Being a responsible citizen student should behave in such a way that the society and the environment benefits in certain ways while lessening negative impacts on them. GIBS believes in giving back to the society and we crave our students to foster vision in them as well. During the third trimester, it is mandatory for our students to complete a Social Internship Project (SIP) which lasts for 6 days (after regular class hours / Sundays) and carries 1 credit. This project will have to be individually undertaken by each student such as volunteering, giving blood donations, working at a food bank or animal shelter etc., The guidelines are very well defined and the same shall be shared with the students during the third trimester. Students should submit a report along with photo proofs which will be evaluated and graded.

Industrial Internship Project (IIP)

Every student has to undergo the Industrial Internship Project for 8 – 10 weeks during their fourth trimester and guidelines will be shared with students before the beginning of the project. All the students are expected to conduct an organization study and should submit the report along with plagiarism certificate for evaluation. Approval must be taken well in advance from the Placement Department before they start the internship and be in touch with their guides on regular basis. The tasks or activities that interns complete while working with a company help the students in applying the class-room teaching to gain realworld experience that aid them in their future roles.

Business Immersion Project (BIP)

The Business Immersion Project is an integral part of the academic curriculum of PGDM course offered at GIBS which carrying 6 credits. This 12 to 16-week long project is positioned as the final phase of our PGDM program which serves in providing critical business insights to students as well as providing industry with graduates of high calibre, who are capable and ready to get ahead in the world of business from day one. Global Institute of Business Studies, Bengaluru THE MASTER GUIDE FOR GIBians 14 The student may complete a project on any one of the dual specialisations they have selected that is relevant to a certain subject. In the fifth trimester, specific instructions will be provided. The students and assigned guides must regularly communicate. Additionally, students who opted out of placements also, needs to finish their project in the organisation. In any scenario, if the student does not appear for the BIP Viva-voce or does not submit the BIP report, they will receive a “F(Fail)” mark and will get a chance to reappear along with the following batch.

GIBS Business School Top Business schools in Bangalore Corporate Projects