Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Improve various aspects of society

An initiatives taken up by GIBS Business School to give back to society.

GIBS is committed to boosting CSR everywhere through various activities. “GIBS CSR Society” conducts these activities as “GIBS Cares.” GIBS’s CSR Policy encompasses sustainable development, social responsibility, and community service. This has made it possible to reach goals in education, training, the environment, human and social development, and other areas.

Our goal is to educate future leaders who can deliver a sustainable performance, contribute to social conversations and issues, and push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. The totality of the programmes is devoted to CSR-related programs, activities, and projects. These programmes give students the chance to increase their understanding of significant issues associated with sustainable development through various areas such as business sustainability, ethics, and sustainable finance, among others. The objective is to provide them with the open-mindedness, perspective, and skills necessary to analyze the risks and social implications of their initiatives and decisions, as well as those of their firm.

CSR activities help students improve their professional project, new company start-up, humanitarian, or charitable activity. Multiple student projects were produced successfully. Additionally, GIBS CSR activities also aim to create a responsible and exemplary campus, lessen its impact on the environment, and help students and collaborators become more responsible.

Recent activities of GIBS CSR Society

Free Dental Care

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of complications, a free dental check-up camp for underprivileged children is being held.

A Fun Day in an Orphanage

Played, conversed, taught them enjoyable things, and engaged in activities they enjoy with them. prepared a delicious meal and joined them for it.

Eduthon: A Run to Benefit Education

Conducted a programme to raise awareness about the significance and influence of education.

AIDS Awareness Program

An event that promoted awareness about the significance of youth involvement in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Donate a Food Package

The GIBS CSR Society (GIBS Cares) has distributed meals to families and daily wage labourers in Bangalore.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

To encourage cleanliness in our society, community, schools, and universities, our students spearheaded the Clean India Campaign.

Plant a Tree to Save the Planet

Planting trees is an excellent method of boosting morale. It is concrete, transparent, and has a true impact on the environment.

Recycle/Reuse Awareness Program

A recycling project that urged us to reconsider our waste disposal practices.

Caring for HIV/AIDS Children

GIBS CSR Society (GIBS Cares) has provided HIV orphans with nutritional supplements.

Free Meal Donation Camp

We were lucky enough to find two places for a Free Meal Donation Camp for poor and needy people. This made the event a huge success.

Blood Donation Camp

Students, teachers, and non-teaching staff participated vigorously in a blood donation camp, which was a tremendous success.

Stationary Donation

The GIBS CSR Society helped get school supplies to poor children so they could learn, and they also helped get food packages to needy families in the villages.