BURN YOUR FEAR – KYA CORONA?? – KYA KARNA!! ( 29th June, 2020 – 6th July, 2020 )

An Event from GIBS Business School for students to exhibit their creative skills and talents.

“How can you come out of the fear from COVID-19” and spread awareness on the same”.

The student can come up with 2-3 minutes of video by his/her idea through dance / speech / drawing / singing / Acting and make a video with minimum 720p resolution without disturbance in audio, once it is done, Students must upload the same on 29th June, 2020 in their personal Facebook profile and YouTube.

Video Guideline:

1. Individual participation and entry for only GIBS BUSINESS SCHOOL students.
2. Your video must be made from your home / colony / apartment.
3. The student should be seen / should be a part of the uploaded video.
4. Nothing will be portrayed about any Political Party – For or against.
5. Your video should not hurt the feelings of any person who is living or dead, any religion, language, place, person, race, gender etc.
6. Your video must be decent and must not have any foul meaning in it.
7. Your video should not promote any product or service.
8. Likes received before 29th June, 2020 9am and after 6th July, 2020 12pm will not be considered.
9. Disable comments on your post as it will not be counted.
10. Your content must be original and must not be copied from any other source.

How to upload:

You Tube:

Video Title – GIBS Bangalore | BURN YOUR FEAR | Kya Corona? – Kya Karna! | Student Full Name
in Description Column – Describe your video


GIBS Bangalore | BURN YOUR FEAR | Kya Corona? – Kya Karna! | Student Full Name

Describe you video with below mentioned hashtags
#GIBS #HighUpTheCorporateLadder #KyaCoronaKyaKarna #BurnYourFear #Covid19 #GIBians #StayHealthyStaySafe

Video Upload Date: 29th June, 2020 (Facebook & YouTube)
Competition End Date: 6th July 2020 (12PM)
Result will be announced on 8th July 2020

First Cash Prize: Rs. 5,100/-
Second Cash Prize: Rs. 2,100/-
Third Cash Prize: Rs. 1,100/-

Contestant who can get more likes on Facebook and YouTube will be the winners

Time to showcase your gratitude to the Corona Warriors.

Any Query please contact on 8951 307 601 / 9886 205 356

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2ASLvKW

Stay Healthy | Stay Safe !!