Value Added Program By Rachel “Bluth” Rosenbluth from Canada

GIBS Business School, Bangalore has organised a program on Non-Violent Communication, Cultural Competency / Literacy, Dialogue Facilitation, Personal Development, Environmental Awareness Community Engagement on 8 th December 2019, by Rachel “Bluth” Rosenbluth (Canada / Israel) who is the Program Director for Achvat Amim Ruchani, which is a five month programme in Jerusalem that engages with the Israeli- Palestinian conflict by building bridges among communities. She recently concluded the Israeli- Palestinian initiative, Women Entrepreneurs Making Change. Bluth leads spirited prayer circles, retreats, and meditation classes, and does hand-crafted botanical and calligraphy art. She graduated from McGill University with a double major in International Development Studies as well as East Asian Religion. Following university, Bluth worked as the Director of Education for Shoresh Jewish
Environmental Programs in Toronto. She also has valuable experiences doing environmental field research in East Africa, and volunteering on sustainable farms in Israel and in Kenya. Through these experiences, she developed an interest in community-based development and personal growth.
Program Summary : The Global Intelligence concept involves formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as teacher,  guide,  counselor,  manager, life coach or mentor. Improving self-awareness, Improving self-knowledge, Improving skills and/or learning new ones, Improving health, Improving social relations or emotional intelligence, Enhancing  lifestyle and/or the quality of life and time-management.