GIBS IRE (Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship) School is a complete action-learning school. Every Friday is dedicated to the IRE school that comprises of an Innovation Lab, Research Lab and Entrepreneurship Lab. IRE School trains and equips the first year PGDM students on Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship through activities, workshops, expert sessions, and many more. The evaluation will be on innovative product / concept / ideas / real-time research / business plans developed by the student.


A revolutionary certificate programme on Post Graduate Program in Innovation, Research & Entrepreneurship (PGP-IRE) is being offered to students at GIBS. Every Friday, the GIBS IRE (Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship) School offers classes through workshops, expert sessions and other activities that prepare students for their entrepreneurial path. Over the course of three trimesters, this course is for a total of 18 credits. The first and second trimesters each carry 6 credits, with the final 2 credits being carried over to the third trimester. Students’ original ideas, concepts, products, real-world research, and businesses presented at the IRE Conference will be the subject of the final test.

Trimester 1

Idea generation and idea finalization

  • The entire class will be split up into groups of seven students each.
  • The facilitators (IRE) will guide the activities so that students can learn by doing in order to better understand the concept.
  • Each group should be able to develop a workable idea for moving forward by the conclusion of the trimester.

Trimester 2

Idea conversion and working on a prototype

  • Revision of Trimester 1 and polishing of the chosen concept
  • The method should aid in developing the idea into a prototype, and the facilitators must help to test and trial the concept before the prototype.

Trimester 3

Final prototype

  • The idea should be transformed into a working prototype throughout the entire trimester.


IRE Conference

  • At the IRE Conference, which will take place at a five-star hotel and feature many entrepreneurs who will promote the students’ start-ups, each PGDM student is required to submit their business plan to a jury.

IRE Degree

IRE Convocation

  • The IRE degree will be given to the student at the IRE convocation ceremony.

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