Global Immersion Programme

🌎 Global Immersion Programme

GIBS students are taken for international tour during their course. The tour includes Industrial Visits, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Sightseeing, and University visits. This tour benefits students in the following ways:

  • Enhance their academic performance and gain more knowledge
  • Create awareness on how people think and how they prioritize things in other countries. Students start to think differently and get exposure to various problem-solving techniques that they can use in their professional and personal life.
  • They also see how the student’s from other countries study, alternate options to acquire knowledge, newer sources of knowledge, etc.
  • They gain international industry exposure through industrial visits. They understand the standards, procedures, policies, administration styles, and more in global industries.
  • Help students gain more confidence when facing the obstacles that life throws their way.
  • Networking is one of the significant gains for students. They get an opportunity to connect with many people, which might help them in enhancing their projects or business in the future.
  • Learn to leave their comfort zone and manage situations that they may consider to be tough.
  • Students learn the culture of that country, which will give way to break the cultural, language, and religious barriers. This will help them accept different communication channels.
  • Students also will spend their time sightseeing for a few hours to relax and explore a new country.

We are very conscious that student utilizes every minute of the tour in building upon their knowledge.