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Journal Of Management GIBS

Name of the Journal: Journal of Management: GIBS

Nature of Publication: Only Electronic (Online) Copy

Frequency: Annual

Present Editor: Dr. K Aparna Rao, Director, GIBS, Bangalore, India.

Ph No: 9632323205

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Co-Editor: Prof. Lakshmi R B, Asst. Dean, GIBS, Bangalore, India.

Co-Editor:  Prof. Girish Babu M, Assistant Professor, GIBS, Bangalore, India.

Where to send your article? 

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Phone no: +91 9742 666 421 / +91 77607 47670

Dr. Gajendra Naidu, Prof & Head,
Faculty of Commerce and Business, Gaborone university college, Gaborone, Botswana-Africa.

Ph No: +2673185660

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Dr. Mukund Sharma, HOD, BNMIT,
Bangalore, India.

Ph No: 9845505902

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Dr. Chakarpani Gopal,
Professor, MS Ramaiah, Bangalore, India.

Ph No: 94806 28872

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Dr. Uma Shreedhar,
Professor, Jain Univeristy, Bangalore, India.

Ph No: 99860 27491

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Dr. Chitradevi
Professor & Head Faculty of Commerce and Business Management
The Oxford College of Business Management
Bangalore, India.

Ph No: 9902015854

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From being in closed office cabins to taking a chair of CEO or senior leadership position, the functions of HR & Marketing and finance have come a long way and driving strategic growth aligning with technology & business leadership. In the past few years HR & Marketing have gone through dynamic shifts in their roles, functions and overall impact in shaping business organizations. The business organizations are also changing themselves to adapt to the new technological changes, and redefining their growth plans. Adaptability and relevance are the buzz words in these functions that help the organizations to enhance their chances of surviving in the new era. The art of harnessing the available resources, to drop obsolete methods and implement new technologies such as Analytics, Digital Labour, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is the new mantra. In today’s VUCA business world the role of Academia, Research fraternity and the Industry is to preempt and prepare all the stakeholders on trends that impact the business world and equip everyone with well researched, data-based solutions/approaches – well deliberated and documented to face these challenges with pragmatism. With this backdrop, GIBS School, Bangalore is launching GIBS Journal of Management, Issue -1 on “Industry 4.0”.

Being fully funded by GIBS, the Journal charges no processing fee from the authors at any level regarding the publication of a paper.

The Editorial Board follows a blind peer-review system, comprising eminent and learned professionals of the relevant domain of knowledge across the country.

  • Selected papers will be published in the GIBS Journal of Management after the double-blind review. 
  • Only original and unpublished work is sought.
  • Papers must be based on themes and sub-themes of the topic.
  • Papers must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words in length title of not more than 15 words should be provided.
  • A maximum of three co-authors may be a part of one research paper.
  • An abstract of not more than 300 words should be accompanied. It must indicate study period, sample, research questions, methodology, findings and conclusions/implications.
  • Text should be printed in Times New Roman with Font Size 12, typed in 1.5 line spaces, A4 paper layout with standard margins (2.54cm on all four sides).

All selected manuscripts are subjected to the peer –review by independent reviewers. Peer reviews are executed using double blind method where both the author/s & the reviewer/s are unaware of each other. Final decision of accepting the article rests solely with the Editorial Board.

Final Selection

Verifying the reviewer/s comments, the editorial board take the decision of publishing a paper. A paper, once selected, may be published in the next volume subject to the availability of paper-space in the current volume of the journal. Authors will be informed if the paper is not selected for publication with reviewer/s’ comments.

Submission Process

All manuscripts should be submitted in MS-Office (.doc) file format through e-mail in the following e-mail address –


  1. Title/subtitle: Times New Roman, 14pt. Normal font, all capital letters.
  2. Name & affiliation of author/s
  3. Abstract (100-120 words) with Keywords.
  4. Body: Times New Roman, 12pt., justified, single line spaced, without decoration; word limit– around 3500.
  5. Referencing: APA style to be followed strictly.

After final selection of the article, author/s has to send the corrected soft-copy (through e-mail) with a declaration stating its originality and not submitted elsewhere previously. 

The publication of an article in this journal is a direct reflection of the author/s individual creative endeavour so far as the subject domain is concerned. Therefore it is expected that a quality of standard should be maintained by the author/s and the affiliated institutions that support them.

With the quality of thought, literature, language it is very important and expected to agree upon standard of ethical behaviour for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author/s, the journal editor, the peer-reviewers and the publisher.
Because of the constrained capacity, we try our best to maintain ethics before publishing any article. We strongly try to avoid copyright violation, plagiarism and asked a declaration in this matter from respective author/s. We strongly follow and find proper citation and acknowledgements in the manuscripts.

For Authors

  • Author/s should refrain from misrepresenting research results with could damage the trust and reputation of the journal;
  • The manuscript/s should not be published elsewhere on any previous occasion (partly or in full) and should also not be submitted to more than one journal at a time;
  • All presented data should be original. No fictitious or plagiarised data/ materials are to be presented by the author/s as it will lead to serious consequences;
  • Proper acknowledgement of other works must be presented;
  • Proper consent should be received from all co-authors as well as from the responsible authorities and to be submitted along with the manuscript;

For Editor

As editor, we try to accept & maintain high quality of this departmental endeavour. We never bias with gender, religion, designation or affiliation of the author/s at any level of the publication process and the process strictly promises to conceal the identity of both the reviewer/s and the author/s from each side.

For Reviewer

Reviewer/s is humbly requested to examine the manuscript/s thoroughly in a specified format supplied to them along with the blind articles and help us to maintain the quality and standard of the journal. Maintaining the confidentiality of any and every information regarding this process is of prime importance.