International Conference

International Conference


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An institute of international standards, we have been recognized as one of the top business schools in India. We have achieved this status of distinction by pioneering refined quality of learning, moral upkeep and intellectual support across the all-encompassing span of advanced education in India.

As envisioned by our founders, we strive to transform our students into leaders of the future by providing innovative and globally accepted programs in a congenial atmosphere. Our programmes are designed for individuals who endeavor to contribute to the sustained development and inclusive growth of the nation and the world at large. We create leaders imbued with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.


From being in closed office cabins to taking a chair of CEO or senior leadership position, the functions of HR & Marketing and finance have come a long way and driving strategic growth aligning with technology & business leadership. In the past few years HR & Marketing have gone through dynamic shifts in their roles, functions and overall impact in shaping business organizations. The business organizations are also changing themselves to adapt to the new technological changes, and redefining their growth plans. Adaptability and relevance are the buzz words in these functions that help the organizations to enhance their chances of surviving in the new era. The art of harnessing the available resources, to drop obsolete methods and implement new technologies such as Analytics,Digital Labour, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is the new mantra. In today’s VUCA business world the role of Academia, Research fraternity and the Industry is to preempt and prepare all the stakeholders on trends that impact the business world and equip everyone with well researched, data-based solutions/approaches – well deliberated and documented to face these challenges with pragmatism. With this backdrop, GIBS School, Bangalore is conducting a One Day International Conference with the theme ‘‘Industry 4.0’’



To provide a platform for policymakers, practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students for intellectual discourse and for presentation of their ideas, research and innovative practices.


To be a platform for fostering exchange of thoughts between practicing HR managers, Finance managers, Marketing managers and academicians.


To understand the changing role of HR Finance & Marketing in the current business scenario.


  • Only original and unpublished work is sought
  • Papers must be based on themes and sub-themes of the conference
  • Papers must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words in length title of not more than 15 words should be provided
  • A maximum of three co-authors may be a part of one research paper
  • An abstract of not more than 300 words should be accompanied. It must indicate study period, sample, research questions, methodology, findings and conclusions/implications
  • Text should be printed in Times New Roman with Font Size 12, typed in 1.5 line spaces, A4 paper layout with standard margins (2.54cm on all four sides)

A Full-length paper should follow the structure given below:

  • Introduction: Should contain problem statement or research questions and how paper is organized
  • Literature Review: Enough relevant, past and recent studies should be provided and research gaps must be identified
  • Methodology: Data and study period must be recent and justifications for selecting study periods, sample size, tools and techniques used should be given
  • Result/Analysis: These should be convincing and also state whether analysis /result/ findings support/reject the hypothesizes
  • Conclusion: Should contain the essence of the research paper
  • Reference: The paper should contain full bibliographical details a journal titles should not be abbreviated.  For within text citations, author’s last name should be followed by publications, all in round brackets, e.g. (Fox, 1994). At the end of the paper, there should be reference list in alphabetical order in APA (6th ed.) format



HR and Augmented Reality

HR Analytics

Cloud Recruitment

Employee Engagement

Talent Management

Re-engineering Work Process

Contingent Workforce

Social Media and HR

HR and Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain Technology in HR Diversity Inclusion

Global Partnership and HR Practices

Diversity Empowerment

HR and Future of Work

Collaboration and Collective Intelligence

Spirituality and Leadership

HRM in VUCA Environment

Workplace Ethics

HR in 21st Century

Role of HR in Gig- Economy


Neuro Marketing

Responsible Marketing

Customer Life Time Value(LTV)

Digital Marketing

Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

Big Data, Analytics and Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communication

Search Engine

E- Branding and Sensory Marketing

CRM in Digital Era

Service Innovation and Management

Web Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Recent trends in Marketing


Electronic Finance and crime

Financing decisions of Banks

Corporate finance and government

Financial system development


Mr. B L Goyal, Chairman, GIBS     

Mr. Ritesh Goyal, MD, GIBS


Mr. Hari Prakash Karcherla, Sr. Director, GIBS

Dr K Aparna Rao, Director, GIBS


Dr Tejas B Vyas, Associate Professor, GIBS

Prof. Lakshmi R B, HOD – PGDM, GIBS


Prof. Sowmya M, COE, GIBS

 Prof. Girish Babu, HOD UG, GIBS


Dr. Gajendra Naidu, Prof & Head, Faculty of Commerce and Business, Gaborone University College, Gaborone, Botswana-Africa

Dr. Mukund Sharma, HOD, BNMIT, Bangalore

Dr. Chakarpani Gopal, Professor, MS Ramaiah, Bangalore 

Dr. Uma Shreedhar, Professor, Jain Univeristy, Bangalore



Students – Rs. 500/-

Research Scholars – Rs. 1000/-

Academics & Industry Professionals – Rs. 1500/-

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