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IRE Talks Registration

IRE Talks Series

The IRE Talks is a platform dedicated to promoting education and inspiring individuals in the field of management, including students, academics, and professionals across different industries. The talks focus on innovation, research, and entrepreneurship (IRE) and are organized both online and offline by GIBS Business School, a renowned business school located in Bengaluru.

The primary goal of IRE Talks is to bring together experts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from various fields to share their experiences, knowledge, and insights on IRE-related topics. The talks are not-for-profit and serve as a platform for thought leaders to share their success stories, challenges, and lessons learned, providing valuable practical advice to the audience.

The speakers come from diverse industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and social entrepreneurship, among others. They aim to inspire the audience by demonstrating the potential of IRE to make a positive impact on society, as well as sharing their expertise in the field.

The IRE Talks nomination form provides an opportunity for individuals to nominate thought leaders who they believe have valuable insights and experiences to share on IRE-related topics. Nominations can be made from different industries, and the speakers are selected based on their experience and expertise in the field. The form is designed to gather information about the nominee’s background, achievements, and proposed topic to ensure a successful and informative talk.

Please note the following details regarding IRE (Inspiring Real-life Experience) organized by GIBS Business School:

  • Shortlisted speakers will receive a call from the IRE organizing team.
  • Once the IRE talk is scheduled, it cannot be canceled under any circumstances.
  • The selected video will be published on GIBS Business School’s YouTube channel.
  • GIBS IRE is a non-profit event, and no fees will be charged from the audience.
  • Each event is expected to have over 150 participants from the student and faculty community.
  • All IRE videos will be circulated within the entire GIBS community.
  • Offline IRE talks will only be scheduled at the GIBS campus and exclusively for GIBS students.
  • Online IRE talks will be held on the Zoom platform and open to all students fraternity and academics.

We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your data is fully secured. We guarantee that your data will not be utilized for any promotional or marketing purposes, and we will not share your data with anyone without your explicit consent.

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