Message from Chief Process Officer

Chief Process Officer's Message


Professor & Chief Process Officer


B.Sc (Physics), M.Sc (Psychology), MBA (HRM), Dip T&D

Welcome to GIBS Business School!

At GIBS, we are firmly committed to the mission of making students self-reliant and preparing them for a life-long career with the undiminishing quest for learning. GIBS has been constantly focusing on innovating programs that equip students with competence and confidence to face the emerging challenges of the industry. Taking cognizance of the skill needs of the emerging future, GIBS has pioneered an add-on programme designed to kindle the studentsโ€™ curiosity to probe into a real-world problem with a research-bent of mind, to ideate ways of solving the problem in an innovative approach and to bring the solutions to life with entrepreneurial zeal. This approach prepares the GIBians to make significant strides as they walk into their career life and eventually rise to higher levels of leadership. It will always be our constant endeavour to keep evolving our programs to address future demands.

We, at GIBS, are delighted to invite you to our institution to explore further and we are sure you will find it a great place to learn, of course with enough of fun.


Has around 13 years of experience in Operations Management Research (BARC), steel and chemical industries and 23 years in leading and steering HR and L&D Practices in Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran, BFW, Hyundai Motors and Ramco Cements.

Prof. Bharath Gopalan is more often known by his initials GB. These two alphabets also represent what he stands for – Go Beyond. GB is constantly on the lookout to expose himself to a new experience that affords him the opportunity to look at life beyond the present. This approach made him a rolling stone that gathers no mass but gains polish over time; he kept meandering through diverse jobs in different industries from steel to atomic research to banknotes to automobiles. It was when he accidentally landed in a job training that he discovered his real passion to work with people and enable them to explore and pursue their own passion and enrich their lives. He is currently Professor & Chief Process Officer at GIBS Business School, Bangalore.

He is also a national resource person certified by the Government of India for conducting Direct Trainers Skills courses. He has extensively engaged in the facilitation of leadership and behavioural training in the corporate world apart from moonlighting in writing and career coaching. Being a learning enthusiast, he avidly enrols for online courses and he takes pride in flaunting his recently acquired online certification in Leaders of Learning by Harvard University, offered through EdX.