Our Differentiators

Our Differentiators

Every student is united by their ambition and desire to invest in their careers. However, students at GIBS vary significantly from others due to the diversity of geographic background, level of experience, career aspirations, teaching methodologies and industrial exposure.

All business school programmes are united by the theme of management development with all typically teaching a range of foundation courses followed by optional modules. GIBS differ in terms of methods of delivery, range of modules, emphasis on personal development and types of project-based work.

Why GIBS students?

  • Bring the latest business thinking to your organisation.
  • Create, examine & exploit opportunities.
  • Have well-developed interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively and to interact with groups and individuals at all levels.
  • Consistently utilize in-depth knowledge and understanding for solving various complex business situations, based on previous work experience and advanced study.
  • Have a holistic understanding of all key business concepts and functions, including financial management.
  • Successfully apply strategic management skills at a senior level in changing business environments.
  • Transform organisations through strategic leadership, intellectual rigour and professional ethical values.
  • Understand and have experience of global issues.
  • Lead and develop others in an organisational context.
  • Make sound judgements with complete data and communicate conclusions clearly to a range of audiences.

What makes GIBS different?

Top B-school in a top location

A qualification that will open doors

Exceptional student support

Unforgettable student experience

Access to academics with real business experience

How GIBS Business School Differs from other Institutions