PGDM in International Business (IB)

International Business (IB)

The PGDM-IB or Postgraduate Diploma in International Business is a specialized course that offers expertise in international trade and practices, as well as a chance to learn the work ethics of worldwide businesses and the rules and regulations of import and export across national borders. This course prepares students for managerial positions in multinational companies or as experts in consulting firms that assist companies to expand into international markets.

PGDM in International Business Course Highlights

  • Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma in International Business
  • Short Name: PGDM in IB
  • Course Level: Post Graduate
  • Course Type: Diploma
  • Course Degree: Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Specialisation: International Business
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Internship: Mandatory
  • Course Mode: Full Time
  • Examination Type: Trimester Pattern
  • Eligibility: Graduate Degree
  • Admission Process: merit-based, entrance exam scores


PGDM in International Business: Course Eligibility

  • Candidates are admitted to the PGDM in International Business programme based on their performance in entrance tests.
  • Candidates must take tests like the CAT, MAH MBA CET, XAT, etc. that are given at the national, state, or institute level.
  • The admission test serves as a screening mechanism to narrow down the pool of potential candidates.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted must thereafter attend the GD or PI round at their preferred college.
  • Candidates are chosen based on how well they perform in both the entrance exam and the interview.


Why You Should Consider a PGDM in International Business?

  1. Enhance your market competitiveness: Globalization and cross-cultural collaboration are vital to the survival of most companies. A global perspective on business gives you a competitive edge in today’s job market, regardless of whether you plan to work abroad or work for a global company.
  2. Explore the world and learn new skills: You will be required to perform an overseas internship or learn at least one foreign language during your PGDM program. As a result, you will have new horizons to explore. You also have the opportunity to work for a global company with easy access to travel.
  3. Get a bigger picture of business: Working in a global company provides more exposure than working in a local company. You learn about different cultures, geographies, and markets, broadening your international business knowledge. This leads to more creative and open-minded solutions to challenges.
  4. Master corporate skills: Although all PGDM programs provide a basic understanding of business, this course goes a little further. Besides cross-cultural behavior, you learn about international trade, global marketing, and economies of the world.
  5. Increased career opportunities: You will have a wide range of career options in domestic and international markets after completing your PGDM in International Business. There are opportunities both in the private and public sectors, including financial institutions, logistics, foreign exchange, international law, international trade, investment companies, international business consultancies, export and import companies and more. Additionally, you can work in shipping, airlines, and cargo.


Top 5 Career Options After a PGDM in International Business

  1. International Marketing Manager: Without prior experience in foreign markets, it is difficult to develop a global marketing strategy. A marketing campaign’s success depends on balancing a message that resonates with diverse cultures and handling a budget that includes international markets. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing international contracts, conducting market research, generating leads, and planning pricing strategies.
  2. Global Sourcing Manager: Global sourcing managers are responsible for monitoring global supply chains and inventories. Management of contracts, cost reduction, process monitoring, and fostering relationships with vendors and suppliers are some of their functions. There is usually a requirement for fluency in more than one language other than English.
  3. Director of Sales: Director of sales and international sales should keep up with international markets. Their duties include establishing sales goals, developing strategic plans, assessing the competitive landscape, and preparing reports regarding foreign markets.
  4. Business Development Director: Business development directors establish new partnerships and increase sales from existing accounts. Being in a relationship-building role requires you to know your clients well as well. Foreign relations are crucial for companies with foreign clients or expanding abroad.
  5. Global Product Manager: The responsibility of a global product manager is to ensure the success of products in new and emerging global markets. Developing growth strategies and monitoring market trends on an international level is a requirement of this position.


Future Scope of a PGDM in International Business

Globalization is setting new business standards and increasing competition in the global business environment. Observing and improving how a business operates effectively within a global culture data analytics environment is sought after by international business management professionals. To all job seekers, international business programs provide a greater understanding of business and global cultural experiences.

Today’s global corporate world demands an international business degree. International business programs not only guarantee a stable job, but also help individuals grow and succeed on the global job market.

A degree in international business can also lead to exciting careers in countries such as Canada, China, France, India, Singapore, and the U.S. Take advantage of all the opportunities your institution offers, from career services to attending business events, volunteering as a student ambassador, and taking advantage of international experience, to make yourself stand out to employers.

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