PGDM in Marketing Management

Marketing Management

The PGDM in Marketing programme emphasizes the role and importance of marketing in the modern business environment. The programme prepares students to become highly creative and focused marketing professionals who have a deep understanding of the modern business world. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the management sector while focusing mainly on marketing-related topics. So, it gives a full picture of the management industry and a full understanding of the field.

PGDM in Marketing: Course Eligibility

  • Candidates are admitted to the PGDM in Marketing programme based on their performance in entrance tests.
  • Candidates must take tests like the CAT, MAH MBA CET, XAT, etc. that are given at the national, state, or institute level.
  • The admission test serves as a screening mechanism to narrow down the pool of potential candidates.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted must thereafter attend the GD or PI round at their preferred college.
  • Candidates are chosen based on how well they perform in both the entrance exam and the interview.


Why You Should Consider a PGDM in Marketing?

  1. Prepares students for a competitive workplace: The PGDM in Marketing programme is specifically intended to provide qualified students with the appropriate management training. It aids in the development of essential abilities for personal growth and leadership.
  2. High employment opportunities: The relationship between marketing and revenue is so strong that organisations hire a significant number of marketing specialists to ensure that their operations are working at peak performance. Companies provide high pay to entice the most qualified candidates.
  3. Diverse Career Opportunity: Marketing is a vast industry, and while there is a great deal of competition, there are also a great deal of opportunities. Tourism, retail, banking, hospitality, media, advertising, consulting, and market research are just a few of the areas in which you might find employment.
  4. Holistic Development: In marketing, you must frequently meet new individuals. You must communicate with consumers and urge them to buy your company’s products and services. This requires a nice, charming, and self-confident demeanour. All these concepts are taught during the course.
  5. Demanding Course: Due to the significance of marketing positions in most businesses, there will always be a need for marketing professionals. This means that taking a PGDM course in this area will give you the skills and knowledge you need for a career that makes up a big part of the job market.


Top 5 Career Options After a PGDM in Marketing

  1. Sales Manager: A sales manager is responsible for managing and directing a team of salespeople inside the business. They establish remuneration targets and quotas, develop a sales plan, do data analysis, and allocate sales training and territory. The average annual salary begins at 5 lakhs.
  2. Brand Manager: A brand manager oversees things like advertising, working with the media, promotions, displaying the brand in the right places, etc. This is a very dynamic field, unlike sales, which is boring and busy. The average wage scale begins at Rs. 6 lakh per year.
  3. Market Research Analyst: A market analyst may find employment in the media, retail, entertainment, FMCG, etc. One must assess the current market and trends and act in accordance with them. The average annual salary begins at 5 lakhs.
  4. Business Consultant: Over the past several decades, the consulting sector has undergone a major change, and it is flourishing like never before throughout the world. According to current trends, leading national and worldwide corporations are recruiting straight from PGDM-granting institutions and universities. The average wage scale begins at Rs. 6 lakh per year.
  5. Advertising and Communication Manager: Advertising has long been a sector with an ever-growing employment market. Nearly all the biggest advertising companies in India, as well as the rest of the world, want PGDM graduates with specialities in advertising, sales, and marketing. The average annual salary begins at 5 lakhs.


Future Scope of a PGDM in Marketing

In the past, marketing was limited to the purchase and sale of products and services, but it today incorporates a variety of activities. From product development to market research to promotional decisions and environmental analysis, a marketer has a huge array of responsibilities.

PGDM Marketing is a cutting-edge 21st-century programme that equips you with vital skills and knowledge for success. You will be given several ways to move up in your career, such as becoming a manager in the private or public sector or starting your own business.

You will also receive one-on-one assistance from the Institute to help you become a great leader.

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