Marketing Lab for PGDM Students

Marketing Lab

Marketing Lab for PGDM Students at GIBS Business School Bangalore

Marketing Lab

The marketing lab is a unique and first-of-its-kind simulated laboratory, designed by some well-known Professors, Academicians and Industry Stalwarts. The primary purpose of this lab is to enhance the skills of students, while they are studying or completing their master’s degree programs.

The simulation exercises conducted, are in real time, showing the areas for improvement. For example, A formula 1 Car race driver spends more time in Practicing his driving skills, maneuvering over the chicane, and relying promptly on the team for support in order to outsmart the completion. At the marketing lab, the same principles are adopted to enhance the student’s skills, attitudes, and knowledge in real-time. This simulation lab is equipped to give poll results instantly, to showcase, how the world is perceiving words, in real-time, vis a vis an individual’s differences between perception vs reality. The question which pops up in everyone’s mind is “Who isn’t marketing and how can they place their trump cards in front of the customer for their immediate attention.


Students begin with the cleanup of their social media wardrobes. This is necessary to leave no stones unturned towards, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. This Laboratory focuses in-depth, primarily on building a great attitude and a positive environment amongst students, to mitigate the non-acceptance of failure. It is a well-known fact in Marketing, there are more failures seen rather than successes. Good marketing personnel would focus more on why they failed in their execution, or why they could not foresee what was coming rather than why they succeeded. This Laboratory is built purely on Value addition and Hypothetical thinking while marketing and selling. We strongly believe in adding value to their writing skills Especially when they are on social media.

The marketing lab runs for three semesters. Each semester is equated to 30 hour of intense lab sessions, with Credits added.


Our professors are constantly monitoring and evaluating the results in real time. This has given them an Upper hand over everyone, as students enjoy both the Theory and practical parts The three-level assessments are very stringent and they need to get a minimum of 80 percent to pass the “Simulation exercises”. These attributes are to make them industry ready, just when they are out of college.

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