PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics(BA) Certification Courses in Bangalore

PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics
Certification Courses in Bangalore

PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics Certification Course – Introduction:

Post-Graduation Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDMBA) is a 2 years course divided into 4 semesters. Endorsed by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). PGDM in Business Analytics certification is a postgraduate diploma course that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyse and interpret data to make informed business decisions. The course typically covers subjects such as statistics, data mining, predictive analytics, and machine learning, among others. During the course, students will learn how to collect, analyse, and interpret large volumes of data using analytical tools such as R, Python, SQL, and Tableau. The course also provides students with a solid understanding of the various statistical techniques used to analyses data, including regression analysis, correlation analysis, hypothesis testing, and clustering. There are several options available for pursuing a PGDM or diploma in Business Analytics in Bangalore. The top colleges offering these courses include GIBS Business School Bangalore.

PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics – Programme Eligibility, Programme Highlight, Course Content, Selection Process

Programme Eligibility of PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics Certification  in Bangalore

  • Students must hold a minimum three-year graduate degree with a minimum 50% aggregate grade point average from a university accredited by AIU/AICTE.
  • Students taking their final examinations are also eligible to apply, providing they maintain a minimum of a 50% cumulative grade point average at the time of graduation.
  • Any college graduate can pursue a career in business analytics. However, a Science or Business background is often more advantageous since it gives a connection to the mathematics and statistics necessary in Business Analytics.


Programme Highlights of Diploma in Business Analytics

  • Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics
  • Short Name: PGDM in BA
  • Course Level: Post Graduate
  • Course Type: Diploma
  • Course Degree: Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Specialization: Business Analytics
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Internship: Mandatory
  • Course Mode: Full Time
  • Examination Type: Semester Pattern
  • Eligibility: Graduate Degree
  • Admission Process: Merit-Based, Entrance exam scores

Career Prospects – Post Graduate Programme in Business Analytics in Bangalore:

A PGDM in Business Analytics opens up a wide range of career opportunities in industries such as finance, marketing, healthcare, and retail. Some of the job roles that graduates can pursue include Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Analytics Manager, among others.


Course Content – PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics Certification Course

The course content of a PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics Certification program may vary depending on the institution. However, it typically covers subjects such as Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data, among others.

Selection Process – PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Bangalore with AICTE Approved

The selection process for a PG diploma in Business Analytics with AICTE Approved typically involves a combination of academic qualifications, entrance tests, and personal interviews. Students may need to have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, along with a good score in entrance tests such as CAT, MAT, or XAT, among others.

Why GIBS Business School Is the Best PGDM College for Business Analytics?

GIBS Business School Bangalore has gained a reputation for being one of the Best PGDM Colleges for Business Analytics due to several reasons, including:

  • Industry-relevant curriculum: GIBS Business School has designed its PGDM program in Business Analytics to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the current industry demands. The curriculum has been developed by industry experts, and it focuses on emerging technologies, data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis.
  • Experienced faculty: The faculty members at GIBS Business School are highly qualified and experienced in the field of Business Analytics. They have years of industry experience and are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure: GIBS Business School has world-class infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities, including a well-stocked library, computer labs, classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids, and a fully-equipped analytics lab.
  • Placement record: GIBS Business School has an excellent placement record, with many top companies regularly recruiting students from the PGDM program in Business Analytics. The institute has tie-ups with several leading companies, which ensures that students get ample opportunities to gain real-world experience and land lucrative job offers.
  • Industry exposure: GIBS Business School(GIBS) provides its students with ample opportunities to gain industry exposure through guest lectures, seminars, workshops, and industrial visits. The institute also offers internships with leading companies, enabling students to gain practical experience and apply the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom.
  • Entrepreneurial focus: GIBS Business School has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, and it offers several programs and initiatives to help students develop their entrepreneurial skills. This focus on entrepreneurship is particularly relevant for students looking to enter the field of Business Analytics, as many businesses today are looking for individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to innovate.

Overall, GIBS Business School Bangalore is an excellent choice for students looking to pursue a career in Business Analytics. Its industry-relevant curriculum, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, placement record, industry exposure, and focus on entrepreneurship make it stand out as one of the Best PGDM college for Business Analytics.

FAQ in PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics Certification Course:

Q) What are Business Analytics?

A) Business Analytics is the process of analysing data to gain insights and make informed business decisions.


Q) What is a PGDM(MBA) in Business Analytics?

A) A PGDM in Business Analytics is a postgraduate diploma course that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyse and interpret data to make informed business decisions.

Q) What are the common costs for the Business Analytics course?

A) The cost of a Business Analytics course may vary depending on the institution. However, it typically ranges from INR 5 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs.

Q) What is the average salary for Business Analytics Graduates?

A) The average salary for business analytics graduates in India is around INR 7-10 lakhs per annum. However, it may vary depending on factors such as experience, industry, and location.


Q) Is PGDM Business Analytics better than MBA Business Analytics?

A) Both PGDM and MBA in Business Analytics are good options, and the choice depends on individual preferences and career goals.


Q) What is the position of a Business Analyst?

A) A Business Analyst is responsible for analyzing data and providing insights to help businesses make informed decisions.


Q) What is the pinnacle front tests for PG Guides in Business Analytics?

A) Some of the top entrance tests for PG courses in Business Analytics include CAT, MAT, XAT, and GMAT.


Q) What are the areas of employment after PGDM in Business Analytics?

A) After completing a PGDM in Business Analytics, graduates can find employment in industries such as finance, marketing, healthcare, and retail, among others.


Q) Is Maths compulsory for the Business Analytics course?

A) Yes, a strong foundation in Mathematics is essential for pursuing a course in Business Analytics.

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