PGDM Program

PGDM + PGP - IRE (Dual Degree)

with Dual Specialization Programme

AICTE Approved, MoE, Govt. of India

PGDM Program by Best PGDM College form Bangalore GIBS Business School

The flag-ship PGDM programme is a two-year full time programme in the field of management.

GIBS, being one of the best PGDM colleges in Bangalore, is offering a PGDM course that is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE). This Programme is considered to be extremely prestigious and is highly rated.

The PGDM Programme gives high employment opportunities for the students and equal orientation to both theory and practical concepts. GIBS provides a platform for the students to involve in research and innovation activities.

Specialization offered (Dual)

Marketing Management (MM)

Human Resource Management(HRM)

Finance Management (FM)

Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM)

International Business (IB)

Information Technology (IT)

Business Analytics

Entrepreneurship Management (EM)

PGDM Curriculum for Batch 2022-24 (Approved by AICTE)


Sl. No.Sub. CodeTrimester I
Orientation Programme15 Days
101CP01Quantitative Techniques – 13
201CP02Organizational Behaviour3
301CP03Accounting for Managers3
401CP04Management Concepts & Techniques3
501CP05Managerial Economics3
601CP06Marketing Management – 13
71IRE07Innovation – I2
81IRE08Research – I2
91IRE09Entrepreneurship – I2
1001ML10Marketing Lab – I1
111SMP11Skills Mastery Programme(SMP)-L12
SME/Webinar/Leadership Talk series/VAP4 Nos
Industrial Visit / Outbound Training
Total Credits27


Sl. No.Sub. CodeTrimester II
1202CP12Quantitative Techniques – 23
1302CP13Human Resource Management3
1402CP14Cost & Management Accounting3
1502CP15Managerial Communication2
1602CP16Production and Operations Management3
1702CP17Marketing Management – 23
182IRE18Innovation – II (Design Thinking)2
192IRE19Research – II2
202IRE20Entrepreneurship – II2
212BMP21Business Mastery Programme3
2202ML22Marketing Lab – 21
232SMP23Skill Mastery Programmes(SMP)-L22
SME / Webinar / Leadership Talk Series / VAP4 Nos
Industrial Visit/Outbound Training
Total Credits29
Sl. No.Sub. CodeTrimester III
2403CP24Applied Operations Research3
2503CP25Emerging Technologies4
2603CP26Business Finance3
2703CP27International Business2
2803CP28Business Law2
2903CP29Emotional Intelligence & Leadership3
303IRE30Innovation III2
313IRE31Research- III2
323IRE32Enterpreneurship III2
3303ML33Marketing Lab- 31
343SMP34Skill Mastery Programme(SMP)-L32
353SMC35SMCP Certification2
SME / Webinar / Leadership Talk Series / VAP4 Nos
Industrial Visit/Outbound Training
Global Immersion Programme (Optional)
Total Credits28
Sl. No.Sub. CodeTrimester IVCredits
3604CP36Agile Project Management3
3704CP37Best Practices in Corporate2
3804__38Elective – I (Specialization- 1)3
3904__39Elective – II (Specialization- 1)3
4004__40Elective – III (Specialization- 1)3
4104__41Elective – IV (Specialization- 1)3
4204__42Elective – I (Specialization- 2)3
4304__43Elective – II (Specialization- 2)3
444IIP44Industrial Internship Project(IIP)5
454STP45Specialization based Training Programme1
464SMP46Skills Mastery Programme(SMP)-L42
SME/Webinar/Leadership Talk series/VAP4 Nos
Global Immersion Programme(Optional)
Total Credits31
Sl. No.Sub. CodeTrimester V
4705CP47Strategic Management3
485_48Elective- V(Specialization – 1)3
495_49Elective- VI(Specialization – 1)3
505_50Elective- VII(Specialization – 1)3
515_51Elective- III(Specialization – 2)3
Total Credits15
Sl. No.Sub. CodeTrimester VICredits
546SIP54Social Intership Project(SIP)1
556MOC55MOOC(6-8 Weeks)2
566LTS56IRETALKS/VAPs/Guest Lectures/Conferences/Conclaves/Webinars/Leadership Talks Series1
Total Credits10

Why Choose GIBS' Unique PGDM Programme

PGDM Program by Best PGDM College form Bangalore GIBS Business School 1

The PGDM course helps the students to study the intricacies of management and sharpens a student’s mind to tackle the daily obstacles that are faced in the field of management.

PGDM Program by Best PGDM College form Bangalore GIBS Business School 2

The PGDM course in GIBS is designed in such a way to build essential skills and capabilities in students to hold managerial positions in various companies and firms.

PGDM Program by Best PGDM College form Bangalore GIBS Business School 3

PGDM Programme is more of a practical approach. We make the students to be responsible for the social and global issues. The students undergoing this course acquire leadership, executive and managerial skills to handle any situations they face in professional life. We in GIBS nurture and develop the students as world class business leaders.

PGDM Program by Best PGDM College form Bangalore GIBS Business School 4

At GIBS we realize the importance of updating skills periodically. Therefore we keep modifying the curriculum on a regular basis, as per the industry expectations. We involve SMEs, academicians and professionals in this endeavour. At GIBS we assist students to learn through case studies and business games.

GIBS PGDM Programme Includes

PGDM Program Subjects by Best PGDM College form Bangalore GIBS Business School

Industry 4.0 Curriculum designed by Industry Experts Includes

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Skills Mastery Program (SMP)
  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
  • Digitalization as Direction
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Best Practices in Corporate

Dual Degree (PGDM + PGP-IRE) with Dual Specialization Programme

  • 1-Year PGP-IRE Certificate
  • IRE Conference
  • Strategy Building Skills
  • Case Studies, Research & Publication
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Support & Assistance to Students with the Start-ups
  • Fund Raising & Mentoring for the student’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • IRE Talks by Global Leaders and Experts

Why PGDM provides the best start for your management career

  • Globally Recognized Program
  • In demand course
  • Industry Integrated Program
  • High salary potential compared to University Program
  • Multiple specializations to choose
  • Grow your academic and business network
  • Develop Leadership skills
  • Dynamic, The Curriculum gets updated as per Industry requirement frequently
  • India’s Top100 Management institutions offers PGDM Program Only
  • Complete Action Learning Course (Experiential)
  • Discover the entrepreneur in you

Why PGDM from an exclusive business school?

  • Expertise in Management Education
  • Dedicated Resources for Exclusive Management Programme
  • Create a world Class Network (Network = NetWorth)
  • Create Your Own Brand (Personal Brand)
  • Dedicated Facilities for Management students
  • Leadership Skills
  • Exclusive Mentoring & Placements
  • Futuristic Curriculum
  • GIBS offers one of the best PGDM courses in Bangalore

The Objectives of the Program

  • The programme develops individuals and assists them in realizing their full potential via collaborative efforts, practical training, consciousness, group activities, studies, industrial interaction, and research programs. The following are the program’s objectives:
  • To provide contemporary, comprehensive management education with a global outlook.
  • To develop a pool of professionals to fulfil the needs of the industry and business via frequent corporate interaction.
  • To develop responsible adults who are attentive to the achievement of society’s goals by utilizing GIBIAN ideals.
  • To continually encourage domestic and international engagement in order to make participants relevant.
  • To instill in trainees critical thinking, excellent communication skills, and a sense of teamwork.

Learning Objectives of the Program

  • Create a well-balanced mix of professional expertise, tactical awareness, and managerial abilities.
  • Guest lectures
    , case analysis, corporate engagement, and seminars are used to help management professionals develop a global attitude.
  • Identify business issues and provide efficient solutions.
  • Shastrian values can help to develop emotional and social consciousness.
  • Develop a stronger grasp of values in business leaders.
  • Improve cognitive abilities as well as verbal, writing, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate your ability to significantly evaluate the business environment using modern analytical techniques and software.
PGDM Program by Best PGDM College form Bangalore GIBS Business School Students