Corporate Experience

Corporate Experience

GIBS prepare its students for the corporate culture and instil the highest degree professionalism. I found that GIBS students have the same values that we do, in particular, commitment to complying with ethical standards, community service, and service excellence. We are a proud employer of the intellectual and diverse population of GIBS.

Poonam Srivastava,

We have received a lot of value so far from our Corporate Partnership with GIBS Business school. In particular we are seeking access to fresh thinking and ideas across a broad spectrum of knowledge relating to the effectiveness of office-based work. We have quickly achieved this and are now developing innovative answers to a range of important practical challenges that we face.

Mr. Mohan Kumar,

The thing that sets GIBS students apart from their peers is that they are a very polished group of students. They present themselves very well and they are able to utilize their professional experience to cater themselves to what employers are looking for.

Praveen Malviya,

GIBS is an esteemed institution where “theory meets practical”. In this fast changing and dynamic business environment, what makes an organization more competitive is that your people have an edge over your competitor. GIBS is that you have talents who are practical and close to business in terms of implementing their learning. The syllabus, including the practical exposure, helps students to be “self starters” and to become part of your value chain from the Day One.

Vikrant Hiremath,

I think what sets GIBS students apart from their peers is the experiences that they have very strong teamwork skills. Being in the retail field, I think they have had some amazing internships that are beneficial to our company.

Allison D’ Souza,
Tommy Hilfiger

The area that GIBS students are most prepared for when entering the workforce is being real-world ready. They are able to adapt to a work environment, or not really being on a college campus anymore, and they have a realistic expectation of how to behave and how to conduct themselves.

M J Narthan,