SMCP Sports Management Certificate Program

SMCP – The Play ‘N’ Learn module in PGDM

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SMCP - Sports Management Certificate Program

Management as a discipline believes that Perfection in planning and excellence in execution – is the proven formula of the winners. GIBS Business School, the B’ School with a difference, has introduced several innovative modules in their PGDM program to create Champion Managers and Entrepreneurs. Another pioneering initiative of GIBS is its signature learning capsule titled SMCP (SPORTS MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM) in its PGDM program. This program/module exploits the proven area of sports as a platform for learning the nuances of strategy, leadership and execution.

GIBS has created a modern hi-tech sports arena at its campus which has facilities Viz. Football, Cricket (Box Cricket), Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table tennis and Handball. The 120-minute schedule has 90 minutes of action/playing of sport and 30-minute theoretical lessons/learnings on leadership from sports – which will be handled by an expert(s) from sports/management backgrounds.

The few focus areas of learning in this 3 Credit program are as under:

  • Fitness – A must for Managers of future
  • The discipline of training
  • Team games & lessons on collaboration & leadership
  • Improving focus – the power of being in the present
  • Strategy in sports – lessons for leadership
  • Execution of plans – game management & Control in the playground and marketplace
  • Playing to our strengths – Porter’s theory of core competencies
  • Lessons from losing
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