Sports Arena

The GIBS Sports Arena is a modern necessity. In business and leadership training, the most important attributes are physical and mental health. Students often miss out on opportunities due to mental challenges or unexpected physical disabilities. Sports should be a part of everyone’s lives in general, as it not only provides a form of entertainment but also inspires people to work with double enthusiasm and refuelling.

Sports are an essential aspect of every student’s life because it acts as a source of entertainment and exercise. There are various benefits of regularly participating in sports; therefore, the sports committee at GIBS regularly organises multiple sports activities throughout the academic year.
The campus has state of a art fitness suite that offers up-to-date resistance machines, a wide selection of free weights and cardiovascular machines along with expert staff providing a range of services to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Moreover, the campus provides facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom Board, Chess along with outdoor games like Badminton, Basket Ball, Football, Cricket etc.
These days, students prefer to sacrifice physical health in favour of assignments and classwork. This leads to professionals who are successful in their careers but struggling with their physiques. To prevent this from happening to our students, the academic calendar at GIBS is with sporting events. These events range from intra-hostel and inter-hostel events to inter-college and intra-college tournaments

GIBS Indoor and Outdoor Games