Student Life

Student Life

Student Life at GIBS Business School Bangalore (Health & Wellness)

Health & Wellness

To ensure our students are provided with appropriate medical assistance, a doctor is available on call always. In case students need to buy medicines, several pharmacies are located nearby our campus. Also, we have an active first-aid facility. Secondly, we have a yoga and gym facility on campus to ensure our students stay fit. Here, they can find a wide range of cardiovascular equipment, resistance machines, and free weights, and helpful staff members. Training programs are also available upon request by our qualified instructors.
Next, as we all know, students enjoy sports as they provide entertainment and exercise. Owing to this fact, our academic calendar is filled with sporting events -be it the intra-hostel and inter- hostel events, or the intercollegiate and intra-college tournaments. Plus, we offer indoor (table tennis, carrom board, chess).


We host students from different religions, different cultures, and different languages under one roof. All of them have the opportunity to unite, teach, and learn many things from each other.

Student life at GIBS Business School Bangalore (Safety and Security)

Safety and Security

We have trained security guards who keep on patrolling the campus. Students can step out with valid reasons and have to abide by the time limits for them to go out and come back. Furthermore, our entire campus is under CCTV surveillance.


We have a multicultural environment wherein we welcome, celebrate, and recognise the differences between individuals and the diverse communities that make our university different from others.

Dining On Campus

Using the best ingredients, our professional cooks serve delicious, nutritious, hygienic food in North and South-Indian cuisine in an airy dining space for our students.

Student life at GIBS Business School Bangalore (Student Community)

Student Community

Students come to GIBS throughout India, with a wide range of experiences to campus. They share love and great bonding among themselves for being a good human and develop their skills.

Campus Facilities

GIBS is equipped with infrastructure facilities that match international standards. This includes classrooms, seminar halls, conference halls, 500-member capacity auditorium, well-organised and rich library, dance room, yoga room, indoor games, amphitheatre, canteen, hostel and more.


The main strength of GIBS lies in its core of highly qualified and experienced faculty. Here, we motivate our members to engage in research, corporate training and consulting activities apart from doing regular classroom teaching. Our faculty has an international reputation. Their teaching and research work is regularly assessed and accredited. Along with this, we take initiatives to invite and host well-known international educators.


We conduct events throughout the year to help students to improve their skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, work ethic, and more. A few of our events include festival celebration, Student of the year, sports day, business meet, management fests, CSR activities, convocation, alumni meet, Eduthon-run for Education and more.

Student life at GIBS Business School Bangalore (Hostel Facility)


GIBS residential campus is an ideal environment for learning, sharing, and caring amongst students for their growth. Here, our staff members provide students with all the information about our hostel, which includes meals, safety, health and wellness facilities and more. The following pointers explain how our students’ lives on the GIBS residential campus will include.

Student life at GIBS Business School Bangalore (Diversity)